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August: What Light Looks Like

This month’s theme for our Bloom forum photos is “light.”  I've been trying out some things using the lights from my kid's toys.  I'm hoping to be able to explore this a little more sometime soon but here's what I've done for now!

Here's Eliza and her cousin Madeleine playing with a toy camera that lights up:

And some of Eliza playing with her light up glowworm and seahorse at nap time...

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Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 12

Eliza had her one year-check up yesterday and was pronounced to be very healthy by our pediatrician.  We’re trying out our third pediatrician at the practice we go to and hopefully the third time’s the charm!   This pediatrician didn’t care that we’d skipped the pureed baby food (and in fact, pronounced it to be “cool”) or that Eliza has been eating peanut butter and shellfish since about 8 months.   She didn’t dwell on percentiles and charts and focused more on what she observed from examining Eliza and from talking to me.  For the first time in the more than five years that we’ve been going to this office I felt as though I was speaking to a pediatrician who trusted me as a parent, not to someone who thought that they knew best no matter what.  Such a relief!Eliza weighed in right at 19 pounds and 29 1/4 inches tall.   She’s about a pound and a half lighter than LP was at 12 months but pretty much the same height, and is in the 25th- 50th percentiles for height and weight.  The doct…

Happy Birthday Eliza Rose!

Our little Eliza Rose with the button nose has made one full rotation around the sun and now she is one.   She has changed our family in more ways than we even began to imagine when we first found out that we’d be adding to our family.

With the arrival of Eliza, Paul became a big brother.  No longer the only child, he's jumped right in to his new role quite happily.  He’s always adored babies and there are no exceptions for his increasingly pesky baby sister.  Any time we’re out somewhere LP introduces Eliza to everyone he meets, saying, “This is my baby sister, Eliza.  Isn't she adorable?”  If she falls asleep in her car seat Paul will whisper to me, “Mama, drive quietly- Baby Sister is sleeping and she’s soooo cute.”   Of course, as she gets more mobile and independent there have been some squabbles- but the love between big brother and little sister is always there.

With the arrival of Eliza, we became the parents of two children.   It’s been both easier and harder than we …

Pattern Test and Review!

Recently I was chosen to test Heidi and Finn’s newest clothing pattern- the Slouchy Cardigan.  I’ve purchased and sewed several of their patterns (the Urban Unisex Hoodie is a fave!), and loved them so I was very excited to be able to try the newest pattern before its official debut.

This pattern goes together so quickly!  It took me about 20 minutes to cut out the fabric (I squeeze in the time by cutting at the kitchen counter while the kids play or eat lunch).  I spent just under an hour sewing it together on my serger- and I probably could have done it in 45 minutes except I had a little trouble with one cuff and had to remove it halfway and start over.  The cuffs were the trickiest part- especially on the 12 month size which has such small openings!  It took a little finagling but I figured out the right technique pretty quickly and the pattern directions show in very clear pictures the best way to attach them.  You can choose your own size for the banding that forms the collar a…

10 on 10: August

Here's August's 10 on 10!  It was a quiet day at home with just a trip to the playground to shake things up!  Thought I'd try something new by adding captions to each photo- what do you think?  For some reason they look a little blurry to  me- will have to figure that out for next time!

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Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 11

I’m late on this post by a few days as we were visiting Nana and Pappy in Pennsylvania last week and just got back a few days ago.   In just over three weeks Eliza will turn one which is completely and utter craziness.   The year went so so so quickly and I can’t believe my baby is almost a toddler.  
At 11 months Eliza’s personality is out in full force.  She’s turning into a bit of a drama queen- yelling if she doesn’t get her way and throwing full out, on the floor, kicking and screaming tantrums.  I’ve heard that girls are more dramatic than boys and Eliza is definitely proving the theory right- while LP has definitely thrown (and still throws) his share of tantrums, never once has he thrown himself to the floor screaming the way Eliza does.  I have to say it’s pretty humorous, at least at this point!

Eliza is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING and wants more than anything to walk.  She cruises on the furniture and would do laps up and down the hallway holding our hands all day if…