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I Heart Faces- White

This week at I ♥ Faces  the theme is White.  This weekend we traveled to New Jersey for my brother Nelson's wedding.  Hurricane Irene tried to put a damper on the weekend but we didn't let that get us down- there was a wedding to be celebrated!!!!

I love this shot I took of Nelson and San- I was seated in the second row behind the groomsmen.  This shot was taken during the Quaker meeting portion of their wedding, when friends and family were invited to stand up and speak if they felt moved to do so.

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New Bathroom Reveal!

So our bathroom renovation project is almost done! We have a few little things to do (some caulk, a new light fixture, fixing the sink so that it doesn't leak, and adding some artwork) but the major parts of the project are finished!

Remember, here's where we started:

And here's how it looks now!  (please ignore the stuff on the counter top- we're still working on a few things!)

We added a shelving unit over the toilet to add storage.  The bathroom is TINY.  5 foot by 6 foot, plus the tub.  So we needed all the storage we could get, especially since our new vanity is 6 inches narrower than the old one (I knocked my elbow on the old vanity every time I sat on the toilet- it was too close for comfort).

And our new medicine cabinet is large too- probably a little too large for the space actually but again, we needed the storage space!

Love love love!  We're so happy with how this turned out!  Once we get our new light fixture in over the vanity and some art on the walls I&…

I Heart Faces- Pets

This week at I ♥ Faces  the theme is Pets.  The pet with the funniest faces in our house is without a doubt, Gabby.  She goes crazy whenever we turn on the hose or the sprinkler- chases the water and tries to bite it.  Here's a great shot of her in attack mode:

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Always a Project...

Paul and I have this problem where as soon as we finish one project around our house, we immediately start thinking what to do next, even when the plan was to do nothing for a while.

After we finished up the patio, we planned to take a break from house projects for at least a month or two.  We worked so hard on that patio that we needed a break!

But then, last weekend, I mentioned to Paul that I was thinking of going to look at some paint colors for our full bath as I really hated the paint in there.  The next thing I knew we were buying floor tiles and a new vanity!  And then, hey, a new toilet!  And a new medicine cabinet! 

So, as usual, here are some before shots, some during shots, and a mockup of how it will look.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll be able to post the "after" shots (the new toilet is being installed as I type!).

Here's how the bathroom looked when we bought the house- pale pink bathtub and surround with a matching toilet, sink, floor and cou…

I Heart Faces- Beautiful Eyes

This week at I ♥ Faces the theme is Beautiful Eyes. I had to share this photo of LP that I took a couple of years ago. People always comment on his big, beautiful eyes and this shot really captures them:

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