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Funny Guy....

Every night after we put LP to bed Paul and I sit for a few minutes on the couch (before he heads off to his basement den of video games and I head to the computer or my sewing room) and exchange stories about the funny things LP did or said that day...

Last night I put LP to bed.  After I read him a story he picked another book out to take with him to bed (along with his 2 current favorite Thomas the Tank Engine trains- Emily and Percy).  I put him in his crib and he sat down with his book and his blankie ("my anky!" he calls it) and started saying hello to everything in his crib.  "Hello anky!!"  "Hello book!"  "Hello Emily!"  "Hello Percy!"  "Hello bed!"  "Hello Cookie!"  "Hello Pillow!"

He cracks me up.

This is So You....

Another recent digital scrapbook page:

Recent Projects....

I've been doing some little sewing projects here and there and realized I haven't posted about any of them lately... So here's the update of what I've been up to in my wonderful sewing room over the past few months:

As always, I have tons of other projects on my "to do" list and on my "already started and now in a pile in my sewing room" list but these are some of my more recent, finished projects!

"Paul Sit Chair!"

A recent digital scrapbook page about LP becoming a "big boy."
Last fall LP wasn't really walking yet, so while I put cute little jeans and cargo pants on him from time to time, he mostly still lived in stretchy little pants and onesies.  This year though, he's a little boy- running around, getting into things, playing outside.  And I've caught the back-to-school shopping bug pretty badly!  I'm trying to restrain from shopping too much for LP, but haven't been able to resist adding a few cute things to his fall wardrobe (all purchased on sale, as I'm now the cheapest person on the planet when it comes to buying clothing and consider Old Navy a splurge.....)

LP's Fall Wardrobe by emskyrooney on

A few of these things Little Paul already has- he's got the little yellow raincoat except in a grassy green.  And the little blue fleecy jacket he has in red from last year and it still fits this year (yay!).  We already had a yellow polo shirt and a cute little mock-neck sweater that was passed down from a friend&…

Things to Remember- Month Twenty-One

I guess pretty soon we'll start counting Little Paul's age by years instead of months!  I'm still planning to keep up with my "Things to Remember" monthly posts though!

1.  Funny Man.  Little Paul has been cracking us up pretty much non-stop lately.  His laughter is totally infectious and we think it's hysterical when he gets excited about little things.  Last night Paul and I were washing dishes after dinner.  LP suddenly came running into the kitchen shrieking.  He ran over to us and said "Paulie ate dinner!!  Yay!!!!" while clapping and laughing.  Too funny.

2.  He's still really interested in reading- yay!  I've been setting up a bed sheet tent for him in the living room (draped over the stair rail and the back of the couch) and he loves to drag all the couch pillows under there and settle down with his favorite books.  His sidekick Gabby is very happy hanging out under there too, especially since there's usually a blanket for her to l…