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Sewing Room!

So we just got back from our very first family vacation out to Las Vegas to visit Paul' brothers.  I'll post more about that later (including some adorable photos of LP!)...   The weekend before we left though I finally moved into my brand new basement sewing room!

There's still a bit more to be done but here's how it's looking right now! (and FYI, the wall color isn't really as orangey as it looks here- think cantaloupe).

The photo below shows the bulk of my storage area- I was actually able to fit quite a bit more in those cabinets than I'd expected!  We'll be adding a door to the closet on the right and will store a vacuum and the ironing board inside.  Eventually a drop-ceiling will be installed with lighting.  I'm going to make a little curtain to cover the space between the wall and the cabinet- it's a perfect cubby for storing my larger rolls of paper.  Am just waiting to find the perfect piece of fabric to use for the curtain and also to r…

Happy Valentine's Day....

to my four Valentines: my little guy, my big guy, my lovebugs, my snuggle puppies, I love you all!

I ♥ Faces Places I Love Week!

This week at I ♥ Faces they're changing things up a bit.  There's no actual "Face" picture challenge, instead they're asking everyone to post photos and descriptions of their favorite, romantic places.  I've decided to share a few of my favorite places, both in photos and in some digital scrapbook pages I've done over the years...  They're also all places that I'd love to visit again now that I have my beloved Nikon D40- these were all taken with either a small digital camera or the old-school way, on film!

First up, my ultimate romantic spot, Lake Tahoe.  Paul and I went there for our honeymoon three years ago and have talked about going back at least once every week since.... One day we hope to move there permanently if we can swing it!

Next up, South Africa.  I was lucky enough to visit South Africa right before I met Paul (in fact, the very first time he emailed me I was there!), and would LOVE to go back one day with him.  I was traveling with …