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June: What Happiness Looks Like

The theme for our Bloom Forum Group’s June “What ___ Looks Like” photography project is “happiness.”

Lately, happiness in our house is time spent in the kiddie pool:

Delicious hotdogs in downtown Plymouth:

A baby girl who’s so excited to have learned to crawl:

A new couch to play hide-and-seek on:

Wandering around the air-conditioned aisles of Target:

Being allowed plenty of time to study each and every Star Wars Lego set on the shelf:

And Mommy and LP time spent making our own Lego creations while Eliza naps:

Happiness these days is in the little things: the everyday, the usual, making fun out of errands, staying cool in the heat.  And it’s in the big things- the milestones, the new teeth, the excitement of discovering the whole house on your very own hands and knees.

Now head on over to visit Pamela Joye of Salem, MA to see what Happiness means for her!

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, 10 Months

In the last four weeks Eliza has gone from merely rolling around on the floor to crawling all over and trying to pull herself up to standing.  She is on the go, always, and into everything she can reach. She’s up to 7 teeth (2 more since 9 months!- with at least 2 more about to break through!) and at her most recent checkup weighed in at 17 lbs, 9 oz (2 pounds lighter than LP was at this age).  She is 27.6 inches long (just about the same as LP).  Funnily enough, even though she’s lighter she’s in the 25th percentile for weight while LP was only in the 10th at this age.  I guess it’s since she’s a girl. Eliza loves to play “so big!”, raising her arms (and whatever she’s holding) over her head if someone says, “how big is Eliza??” She’s been enjoying our little kiddie pool, at least as long as big brother is there to entertain her. She LOVES the dogs and usually be found following them around, trying to pull their ears and grab their tails.  Fortunately they’re pretty good at putting …

Monday Snapshot: Sibling Love

Today I’m the featured Snapshot over at PAIL!  Go on over to check it out and to check out the other Snapshots!
When Paul and I met we were excited to find out that each of us wanted three children as we both had two younger siblings.  We started trying for our first baby about a year after we got married and although the four months it took to get pregnant seemed like FOREVER to me as I'd fully expected to get knocked up right away, we now know that four months is laughably short.
When LP (short for Little Paul as he's the 4th Paul in a row on hubby's side) was almost 1 we decided to try for baby #2 as we were hoping our children would be about two years apart.  Four months passed, then 6 months, then a year.  We had two "positive" home pregnancy tests which turned out to be chemical pregnancies.  At that point my OB/GYN suggested we go see the Reproductive Endocrinologist.  All the usual tests were done and we were officially diagnosed with "unexplained se…