Friends Who Blog

I have so many friends with great blogs!  Here's the list:

My college roomie and dearest friend shares gorgeous photos of her adorable kids (and other things too!).  She's a fantastic family photographer based in central PA so check her out if you're looking!

My younger brother is digitizing our dad's HUGE collection of vinyl.  Here he shares some clips and reviews as he goes!

My cousin shares her thoughts on life.

A wonderful friend writes about living lightly and laughing often (and boy do we laugh often when we're together!)

A college friend started this blog to chronicle the life of her children- a preschooler, a toddler and a new baby.  Be prepared for lots of chuckles at the precocious things her kids do and say!

A photographer friend shares his work.

Nook's Wit, No Wisdom
My mother shares insights, humorous stories, and random thoughts.

The New Home of Procrastination Central
A college friend writes about parenting and family life.  As the mom to three boys (a toddler and baby twins) she sure has her hands full!


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