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Some Digital Scrapbook Pages...

I haven't done very much digiscrapping lately (thanks to the Bejeweled Blitz game on Facebook that's eating up all of my time!) but here are a couple of pages I've done recently but haven't shared here yet....

Journaling reads: 
Lately people have been saying that you're starting to look more like your mommy... I see so much of your daddy in you though that it's hard for me to see... You have the same funny expressions and I particularly love it when you're making the same face in a picture of the two of you....

Template: Katie Pertiet; Background: Danielle Donaldson, Alphabilities Papers;
Green Cardstock: CBender; Precious Memories Label: MMareda; Epoxy: Vera Lim; Notebook Paper: CRunge

Background: Shabby Princess; Clipping Mask: Lien; Black Paper: Maryjane Vogt, Black Denim;
Stitching: Tracy Collins, Maryann Buchanan, Anita Stergiou; Label: Brittish Designs;
White Tab: Vicki Stegall at, The Grad; Date Stamp: Jen Wilson Designs;

Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Ten

1.  At ten and a half months LP has suddenly mastered some new tricks.  Just a few weeks ago he could sit on his own and roll around a bit but that was about it.  All of a sudden though he figured out how to crawl, how to pull himself up to standing,  how to cruise around holding onto the coffee table or the couch, and how to get into a sitting position on his own. 

2.  Sometimes LP is quite content to play by himself with his toys in the living room for a little while.  Usually as long as one of the dogs is in there with him he's quite happy and we can leave the room for a few minutes to do the dishes or check our email.  Other times however he does not want to be left alone and will come crawling after us as quickly as he can.

3.  Little Paul is totally intrigued by the dogs' water bowl which we keep on the kitchen floor.  He'll crawl over and try to splash in it.  He stops when we say no but as soon as you look away he's back at it!!
4.  LP LOVES to play with the …

I ♥ Faces "Blue" Contest

This weeks I ♥ Faces contest theme is "blue."  A photo I took of my mother with Little Paul at Plimoth Plantation back in June immediately came to mind... I love the varying shades of blue in this photo and how they all work together...

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I ♥ Faces Candid Contest

This weeks I ♥ Faces contest theme is "Candids."  I have tons of great photos of Gabby being candid but not too many candid photos of people- will have to work on that!  Here's one of my brother Nelson and his girlfriend though that I took last summer- I'd say it captures Nelson's personality pretty well!

And just for kicks here are some candid shots of Gabby playing ball at the pool that same weekend:

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I ♥ Faces Contemplative Contest

This weeks I ♥ Faces contest is "Contemplative Week."  I thought this picture of LP and Papa L was perfect- they were watching Papa L kick his feet in the pool and both have such serious looks on their faces...

The non-judged category this week is "Pets" so I thought I'd share one of my funnier photos of Gabby attaching the garden sprinkler:

Be sure to go toI ♥ Faces to check out the other entries!


*** portions of this post are taken from last year's post on 9/11 ***

Eight years ago today I was sitting in a hotel room in Boston with the guy I was dating at the time, a pilot for Continental, watching the world come crumbling down... He was supposed to have a flight from Boston to D.C. that morning but there was some sort of issue with his plane the night before and so the flight was delayed until later in the day. We spent the next few days watching the news reports in the hotel room and the hotel lobby, frantically calling our friends in NYC to make sure they were safe, talking to the other pilots and flight attendants at the hotel and wandering around downtown Boston, completely stunned.

There was an article in the Boston Globe today about how teachers are changing the way they teach their students about 9/11 because of many of the students either weren't born yet or aren't old enough to remember much about that day.  For those of us who can vividly recall every ho…

Nine Month Check-up and a Long Weekend...

Last week we had LP's nine-month check up.  He weighed in at 19 lbs 10 oz. and is 28 inches tall.  So he basically gained 6 pounds and grew 2 inches in less than three months.  He's slowly catching up with the other kids his age and is now in the 25th percentile for height and weight instead of the 5th percentile where he's been since he was born.

His head circumference grew as well, so much in fact that Dr. C is concerned about it.  He went from being in the 20th percentile for circumference to the 80th.  Apparently in very rare instances such rapid head growth can be a result of a tumor or some other issue.  Dr. C said that we could either A. ignore it, B. run a cat-scan on him, or C. go back in one month to be measured again.  We went with choice C. 

The gossip among the other daycare parents is that Dr. C is known for being somewhat neurotic about measurements.  This is pretty apparent when he re-weighs and re-measures LP at every appointment, just minutes after the nur…