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Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Seventeen

Phew!  Month 17 has been a real test of LP's independance and of his mama's patience!  In general LP is a very, very good little boy but for the past few weeks he's either been glued to my side or somewhere causing trouble.  Favorite "naughty" activity- opening the slide-out spice cabinet and knocking ALL the jars of spices on the floor when I'm not looking.  We haven't figured out a way to keep him out of it yet.  And while I love that he wants to be close to his mama all the time it can be a bit smothering. 

Here are some things to remember:

1.  The LOVE.  Oh, the love.  Our little man blows kisses, smooches the dogs, gives hugs, and says "Love you" (sounds like Myum Nyah!).  He won't go to bed at night without kissing both dogs goodnight ("Mwah!" he says, leaning the top of his head into them). 

2.  At day care they've started calling him "Mayor Paul."  When we arrive in the morning LP walks around saying "h…


Originally uploaded by emskyrooney A quick post of a recent scrapbook page I threw together the other night...

Friends Are Like Shoes...

Recently I was in a gift shop where I came across a magnet that read "Friends are like shoes- you can never have too many!" I laughed, thinking, as a woman who Loves shoes with a capital L, that this was oh so true.

A few days later I received an email from a friend who only pops up in my in-box when she wants something- someone I've considered a friend for many years now and someone whose self-centered behavior has never surprised me or bothered me in the past. This time however, her email, which was all about her and what she wanted me to do for her, and which included nothing along the lines of "how are you?" or " how's LP?" or "how's the family?" , struck me differently. After scanning through her message a few times I found myself annoyed and frustrated with both her and myself. And I suddenly realized that the gift shop magnet was completely and totally wrong. Shoes ARE like friends, but NOT because you can never …

Easter 2010

So this year we sort of copped out on the whole Easter thing.  We didn't dye eggs, we didn't buy LP a cute new outfit, we didn't cook a huge dinner, and we didn't fill a basket for him with stuffed animals and candy.  We did all of this last year, and decided that we could skip it this year since he still has no idea about the Easter bunny.  We DID buy him a Mr. Potato Head that came with bunny parts, and picked up some plastic eggs to strew about the yard, but that was that.

And really, after the loot he got last year did he really need any more stuffed animals to add to his collection of Easter themed toys?

Let me remind you of how Easter 2009 looked at our house:

When I say that this year we basically skipped right over Easter, I certainly don't mean to imply that LP had no Easter at all.  His Grammy and Papa took care of that.

LP spent Saturday night sleeping over at Grammy and Papa's house.  They died eggs with him, helping him put little stickers on colored e…