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Our Next Big Project....

Some of you might have realized by now that Paul and I don't let much time go by in between projects... We're always looking to cross something else off the master list of things we want to do around the house.... This time?  It's a patio.  Hooray!

We have a small deck off the back door but it's not big enough for much other than Paul's giant smoker/grill.  And last year, after redoing the fence we finally purchased a table and chairs so we'd have somewhere to sit outside, but have been talking about installing a patio for a while now.

The other night we ordered 200 patio pavers from Lowe's which were delivered yesterday. I guess the groundbreaking will start this weekend!

The patio is going to be in the right corner of the yard.  You can sort of see in the picture below the corner it will be in.  This picture was taking standing on the deck looking out at the yard.  The patio will go up against the fence on the right side of the picture, with one side aga…


And so, the potty training has begun.  And it's going very well so far (insert knock on wood here). 

We bought a potty seat and a little potty for LP about six months ago or so.  In those six months LP sat on the potty from time to time, peed in it a few times, and memorized "The Potty Book for Boys."  When he asked us to buy him a new train we told him that as soon as he learned to poopy on the potty we'd go pick one out.  This weekend, we decided that it was time to get serious. 

[disclaimer:  poop talk ahead!]

I started out, as most forays into uncharted parenting territories do these days, by quizzing my friends on Facebook for tips.  The general consensus seemed to be a day at home in undies and a t-shirt, with M&M's and stickers are small little bribes.  So on Friday, we began.   Initially, I started LP out without undies or a diaper, but quickly realized that it wasn't in the best interest of our carpets or my sanity after both #1 and #2 ended up on…


Here's the month of April for Project 365. Missed quite a few days in April but am doing better so far this month!

Weeks 15 & 16

Here are weeks 15 and 16 of my Project 365. Missed a day each week- whoops!

Week 14

Things to Remember- Month 30!

I was just looking back at my blog posts from May of last year, thinking I'd repost my Mother's Day post from 2010 since I was too lazy (and busy!) to post anything yesterday. I realized though, that my post last year was a repost of the year before, so I'll just direct you to if it you want to check it out- I think it was a pretty good one, all about motherhood!

As I was scrolling through my posts from May, 2010 I got all misty-eyed reading LP's 18-month update.  At 18 months he was just learning to talk- stringing two words here and there, and starting to pick up on colors.  He had just started playing with Thomas Trains and was barely able to reach things on the edge of the kitchen counter. 

Here he is at 18 months- look at those pudgy little arms!!

And just for kicks, here's LP in May, 2009 at 6 months:

Now, at almost 2.5, he's stringing together full paragraphs, singing songs, saying his ABC's, counting to 20 (although he usually skips 15-18 and comes bac…


March, a photo by emskyrooney on Flickr. Here's the whole month of March! I missed 2 days but did pretty well otherwise!