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Monday Snapshot: Bubble Edition

Our backyard is currently out of commission after we had to have our septic system replaced.  At least 90% of the yard was dug up and we’re now in the process of growing in some new grass so we can’t play out back much.   Fortunately, LP is pretty into blowing bubbles these days so we’ve been spending quite a bit of time in the driveway blowing bubbles while Eliza runs around in her walker or pushing her wagon….This is part of PAIL’s Monday Snapshot! Check out more entries here!

Another Pattern Test- “Wonderland Dress” by Heidi and Finn

Once again I was lucky enough to be chosen to test a new pattern by Heidi and Finn- this time it was a test of their soon to be released “Wonderland” dress pattern.  The pattern is adorable (of course) and went together very quickly.   I thought maybe the neckline would be a little tricky and while I did have to pick out a few stitches and redo a couple inches it was much easier than I expected.  The dress ended up being just the right length for Eliza- she can crawl around in it without getting her legs tangled since she’s not quite walking on her own yet.I also made Eliza a little pair of leggings out of an old, holey cashmere sweater I had in my “clothing to sew with” stash.   I used the arms of the sweater and a pair of her leggings as the pattern and sewed them up in about 5 minutes.  So easy and so cute and comfy!  Granted, cream colored cashmere leggings are not the most practical choice for a crawling girl but I’ll definitely be hunting for some other sweaters to chop up!I did…

I ♥ Faces: Shadows

This month at I ♥ Faces  the theme is “Shadows.”   Recently I downloaded a “softbox”app for my ipad which can be used as an easy and portable source of lighting for photography so that I can take some stealth photos of my babies sleeping. I love this one I took of Eliza curled up next to the slats of the crib. 

I love how the shadows show the curve of her cheek and the pudge of her arm.  And I love how her thumb is close to her face as she falls asleep sucking her left thumb every night.
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10 on 10: September

Another typical “day in the life!”

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The Big Day….

Eliza’s first birthday came and went and we were lucky enough to celebrate with friends and family!  My mother, grandmother and aunt drove up for the weekend and we had a big birthday bbq bash (complete with Daddy’s famous smoked ribs) on Saturday…I decided to do a modern version of Raggedy Ann for the party.   My nursery as a baby was Raggedy Ann and Andy themed and both of Eliza’s grandmothers gave her Raggedy Ann and Andy gifts as a newborn.  Grammy found a beautiful painting for her room and Nana made her a quilt.As usual, I busted out my rarely used (previously once a year, now twice a year) cake decorating skills to do the birthday cake…And some time was spent making tissue paper flowers:As well as a birthday banner and some paper medallions:I also made an outfit for the birthday girl to wear on her big day:She had birthday kisses from friends:As well as a little help blowing out her candle:Uncle Nelson and Aunt San video chatted from LA during the singing of “Happy Birthday.”  …