Jul 8, 2014

Things to Remember: Paul Thomas, 5.5

I haven’t blogged in more than a month which is just terrible.  Our June ended up being a little crazier than expected.   Right after LP finished school we headed to my parents’ house in Pennsylvania for a week-long trip.  LP was going to attend Vacation Bible School for a week and I was headed to NYC with some friends for the weekend.   Our trip was extended due to a death in the family and we didn't get back home until July 3.   We’re leaving again this Friday for a vacation (Disney!) and so have been trying to recover from travelling and prepare for the next round!

Seems like lately I've mostly been posting sewing photos on this blog, and I definitely have more to post but want to do a little LP update as I missed doing his 5.5 update (and I owe one for Eliza’s 22 month!).
Paul finished up his year of pre-K and will be an official kindergartner in the fall!

Here's LP on his very last day of school!

Of course, there was a "graduation" ceremony and a family picnic.  The teacher shared a video she'd taken of all of the kids talking about their favorite part of school.  LP's was "snack time."   That drew a lot of snickers from the crowd of parents!

Here he is with his teacher, Miss P.   LP LOVED school- he's such a social kid and he really enjoyed being with the other students and all of the activity.   We had a lot of great reports from his teacher and he's already looking forward to kindergarten.

LP also did T-Ball for the first time this spring.   Since his father and all 4 of his uncles played ball we wanted him to try it.  I wouldn't say he's a natural but there is some natural ability in there if he'd stop chattering to all the players and coaches and focus on the ball!

This spring was the busiest we've ever been as far as activities for Paul- we usually keep things quiet with a little yoga class at the library.  But we'd heard that karate can be really good for helping kids develop strength and signed him up.   Paul's large motor and fine motor skills are a little lagging behind other kids his age and we're seeing a difference already.  He's learned to jump with both feet at once and his hands are now strong enough that he can open and close the car door himself and put on his seatbelt which is huge (and was rewarded with an ice cream cone lunch!).   He LOVES karate and will start classes back up in the fall.  

As usual, LP is always there to hug his sister- and his cousin!  He just can't control himself and hugs, hugs, hugs!

Some funny LP quotes:

LP went to Vacation Bible School while we were visiting my parents.  The first two nights he asked to be put to bed early (VERY rare for a kid who is almost always still awake 2 hours after bedtime!).  After telling us about all of the activities at VBS he said, "I don't know why they call it a vacation!"  

While signing a song at VBS about Noah and the flood he wanted to know why the animals went into the Ark by "twosies" and came out by "threesies."   Pastor wasn't quite expecting to have to get into that!

After a story about Adam and Eve and the serpent Paul raised his hand and told everyone that "the serpent is really the Devil and he's QUITE villainous!"   

At our local grocery store they have photos of all of the store managers hanging on the wall by the cash registers.  LP likes to check them out and ask their names.   A few weeks ago I was paying for our groceries when he turned to the cashier and said, "So, I see you have some new managers!  How's that working out for you so far?"   She stared at him for a moment before cracking up.

You just never know what he might say next!

Jun 6, 2014

E+M Patterns, Boy’s No. 7 Shirt Review and GIVEAWAY!

ETA- Congrats to comment # 6, Laura who wins her choice of pattern from E+M Patterns!  I'll be in touch!

Recently I was chosen to test out a boy’s shirt pattern by a new to me designer, E+M Patterns.  Well folks, I have to say that this pattern is fantastic! 
The Boy’s No. 7 Shirt is designed for woven fabrics.  It has fabulous details like a boat neck style neckline, button closures at the shoulder seams, side seam hip vents at the hem, a simple pocket to hold treasures and the option of full-length sleeves or 3/4-length sleeves.  I was asked to test the shirt in a size 6 with long sleeves for LP which ended up being a perfect fit for my tall and skinny guy.
For fabric I finally broke into my hoarded stash of Sarah Jane Designs fabrics and pulled out a fat quarter of the “A Pirates Life” from her Out to Sea line.  Sarah Jane is my all time favorite children’s illustrator and I adore all of her fabrics… This seemed like the perfect shirt to really showcase this adorable print.  I had just enough to squeeze out the front bodice.
I love to upcycle clothing so I dug into my bin of castoffs and used an old button-down shirt that was Paul’s.   I had to get a little creative (my favorite part!) when cutting out my pieces and ended up using the front of the button-down, buttons and all, for the back bodice of the No. 7 shirt.  I used the extra buttons for the shoulder closures so that all the buttons would match.
The shirt went together very quickly- I’d say it took me about an hour and a half start to finish (not that I got to sit down for an hour and a half straight!), including cutting out the pattern, cutting the fabric, and doing the buttonholes.  I mostly used my serger for the shirt but Alison of E+M Patterns also includes directions for using your regular machine- and all of the seams are finished so there’s nothing rubbing up against sensitive skin.
I also really love when I learn a new technique from a pattern.  I’d never used seam binding to finish off the collar of a shirt before.   While reading through the instructions I couldn’t quite see how it would work out but I took it step by step and all of a sudden I had a perfect collar!  An “aha!” moment!
It turned out so cute that I couldn’t wait to get it on LP.  
LP says it’s “very cool” and comfortable too.  It’s loose fitting enough that he can run and play in it but structured enough to look nice and tailored.   I think it will be adorable with khaki shorts and sandals this summer….
I love this pattern so much that I decided to make a girl version for Eliza.   I haven’t been able to get photos of her wearing it yet as it’s been so rainy but here are a few photos.   For the “girl” version I added some width to the bottom part of the shirt and stitched in some pintucks.  I used the same pirate fabric on the front of the bodice and chose a blue calico with tiny white flowers for the rest- my Aunt Sue had passed this fabric along to me. I love how the shirts coordinate but aren’t totally matchy-matchy.   Hopefully soon I’ll get some photos of both kids at the same time in their cool new No. 7 shirts.
I am participating in a blog tour showing off the latest release from E+M Patterns!  The schedule is posted below. At each stop on the tour, you have a chance to check out the new pattern, funky variations and hacks, and reviews. Each blogger will also be giving away a pattern as well. So check out the itinerary below:
Each stop on the tour includes an opportunity for you to win a copy of an E+M Pattern!  So come tour with us as we check out this cool little shirt!

And if you just can't wait for the giveaways to end for you to win, you can purchase them.  The E+M Boy's Shirt No. 7 can be purchased in any of Allison's online pattern stores: E+M Patterns official website, Craftsy, and Etsy.

If you’ve read through this far you’re in luck- E+M Patterns is giving away a pattern of your choice!  Just leave a comment between now and midnight EST Sunday night about what you like most about this pattern.  I’ll use a random number picker to choose one of you on Monday to win! 
Be sure to visit E+M Patterns at one of the following links:
Also be sure to like the E+M Patterns Facebook page!
Good luck!

May 27, 2014

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 21

Wow, I’m a terrible blogger lately.   It’s been a month since my last post, and I can’t even say it’s because we’ve been super busy- it’s really just because I’ve been lazy.  That and I just haven’t had anything terribly exciting to post about- sure, I could write about “life as a stay at home mom” but who wants to hear about how I got a little crazy at lunch time and cut the sandwiches into squares instead of triangles, risking the wrath of the little minions waiting for their sandwiches?  That’s about as exciting as it gets around here…
But, Eliza is very quickly coming up on the two year mark, and I don’t want to neglect the last few monthly “Things to Remember” posts.   So here’s Month 21.

Over the past month Eliza has taken things from “red pepper” to “habanero” on the spicy scale.  It seems like every day she gets more demanding, more dramatic, more bossy, and more feisty.   I imagine that all of these personality traits will help her in the long run- she won’t let anyone mess with her- but right now, phew!  It can be tough to manage.   Paul told me to night at dinner that if he hadn’t been there when she was born he would have sworn that she couldn’t possibly be my daughter.   We might look alike (people insist we do, although I don’t see it) but she is definitely NOT a “mini-me.”  


Eliza still insists on wearing leg warmers on her arms whenever she has a short sleeve shirt on.   I guess it’s her thing- quite stylish!  She’s been ok so far with cropped pants on although we haven’t attempted shorts quite yet. 


She is also very decisive about which shoes she’s going to wear.   Lately it’s all about her “Anna-Pappy Shoes!” (aka the shoes Nana and Pappy sent her).   She will not go barefoot, not even in the house.   She must have her shoes or her Elmo socks on her feet.



Paul started karate a few months ago and has learned to count to ten in Japanese.   Eliza can count to two and can often be heard saying, “ichi, ni…. ichi, ni….”   Other favorite words are “careful!,” “move!” and the always popular with the under two set, “MINE!”



Eliza is still a great sleeper- fingers crossed, knock on wood.   She takes one nap mid-afternoon and lately has been asking to go up to bed at naptime.   At bedtime she absolutely MUST go for a horsey ride on Daddy’s knee before going upstairs.  “Trot-trot!” she says as she climbs onto his lap.   “Ready!  Go!!!”   She gets one ride where she falls off the horse and one “Trot-Trot to Mama” who is waiting with the pile of stuffed animals that now accompany Eliza down the stairs in the morning and up to the crib for naptime and bedtime.   She has 2 identical “lovies” (stuffed owls with little blankets attached), a Beanie Baby shaped like a dachshund (“Gabby doggy!), a large Ikea dog (“big doggy!”), a medium dog with cupcakes on it (just “dog”) and a large stuffed dog she’s named “Quack.”  It’s quite the entourage.



Just like her brother, Eliza has very good manners (when she’s not throwing a huge fit).   “Thank you!  Welcome!” she says, and “cuse me!” if she burps.   “Please!  More!” she’ll yell if she needs something.  She hands me my towel after almost every shower and yells gleefully, “WELCOME!!!”


She’s really just too much fun- this age, with the exception of the temper tantrums is one of my favorites.  Every day Eliza is learning something new- whether it’s stringing words together or walking down the stairs by herself, every time I turn around she’s just a tiny bit bigger.  And a whole lot spicier!

Apr 28, 2014

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 20

Time is moving too quickly around here and I totally missed Eliza’s 19 month “Things to Remember.”  Oh well, I’m the first to admit that I’m not perfect!

While LP and Eliza have been on pretty much the same exact track developmentally (here’s LP’s 20 month Things to Remember for comparison) they do have very different personalities.   LP has always been a pretty easy going kid; he’s not terribly fussy about things and when he gets mad or upset he gets over it pretty quickly.   At his 20 month pediatrician checkup he was nice and calm the whole time.   We had Eliza’s checkup this morning and it was polar opposites!   She’s very fussy lately about not having clothes on and got mad at me when I undressed her.  She yelled at the nurse, wouldn’t look at or talk to the doctor, and screamed bloody murder when they did her shots.   As soon as we put her clothes back on she was all smiles.   The good news is that she’s gaining weight and growing nicely- in fact, she’s a little taller than the average girl her age!    I was almost always the shortest girl in my class so I’m pretty excited about that.  I guess having a 6’2” tall Daddy has paid off!


Like her brother at this age, Eliza knows a TON of words.  She’s started stringing a few into sentences as well, saying things like “Mama sit down!” and “Doggy!  Outside, go!”   The doctor asked if she knows at least 10 words but she’s easily over 100 at this point.   At dinner the other night we had sriracha out on the table.  Eliza is OBSESSED with ketchup and wanted us to give her some sriracha.   I explained that it was spicy and since then she’s been walking around saying “sssspppicy!” under her breath.   She also, somehow (probably from her brother) learned the word “disgusting.”  LP has a book about how his body works and Eliza loves to open it to the page about muscles, say “sssgusting!” and then slam the book closed while cackling to herself.   


This baby girl of ours makes the funniest faces.   She’s very expressive.   Paul always had a lot of words but Eliza has taken body language over the edge.   She throws major tantrums and hissy fits several times a day. 


Eliza LOVES her big brother.  Except when she doesn’t want him anywhere near her and is screaming at him.   She’s pretty fickle that way.   And heaven forbid he tries to sit too close to Mama- that’s a major no-no in Eliza’s book!


Eliza LOVES to color.  She sits down at the coloring table at least 5 times a day.   Her favorite coloring book is Minnie Mouse.   “Coggy Mina!” she says…


Eliza loves to help with chores- emptying the dishwasher, spraying and wiping things, and sweeping.   She also loves to “cean up” which is great and highly encouraged!


I mentioned before that she’s fussy about having her clothes off.   If her pant legs ride up or her sleeves are pushed up she’ll come over to me and whine until I fix them.   We’ve put her in short sleeves a couple of times this spring and she freaks out until we put those little Babyleg leg warmers on her arms.   Paul likes to call her his little Amish baby and I think he’s secretly encouraging her to cover her arms and legs.   It might make for a pretty sweaty summer though!


If I had to pick one word to describe Eliza at 20 months it would be “spunky.”  “Ssssspppicy!” would work too!  She knows what she wants and doesn’t want.   As long as she’s getting her own way she’s the sweetest little thing, but watch out world if you cross her!   Love this munchkin!


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