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A Blog Full of Nothing...

I guess sometimes no news is good news, right?  Well, in the case of my blog, no news is generally no blog entries... Nothing going on around here these days beyond just our normal every day lives!

Making some uber-fancy, from the box brownies.  LP was convinced we were making cake and told me we needed candles and a number 8 on top.

In the past 3 weeks both LP and Paul have been sick.  LP had some sort of lovely vomiting virus and a week later Paul came down with the standard flu.  So I played nursemaid (and knock on wood, didn't come down with anything myself).  While the other moms in our playgroup were on a girls trip to Florida, I was making tea with honey, nuking heating pads, and Lysoling (yes, I just made that a verb) the heck out of our house...

Here's one cool thing that happened over the past couple weeks- I won a new car seat from Project Nursery. I signed up to be on their mailing list and my name was entered in a contest to win a brand new Britax car seat! Woo hoo!…

Project 365- Week-11

Week 11:


Paul was sick this weekend with the flu so I was on solo child-care duty.  Our town doesn't have trash collection - we have to take things to the dump ourselves and while this is usually Paul's job on Saturday mornings I took care of it this weekend and took LP with me to run some errands afterwards.

We left Paul laying on the couch because "Daddy sicky" and hopped in the car.  On the way home we passed by a small farm so I slowed the car so that LP could look at the cows, which were all lying down.  "Look!"  I said, "the cows are resting today!"  From the back seat Little Paul piped up, "Yeah!  They restin' like Daddy!!"

LP has recently reached the age of manipulation- of trying anything to get out of taking his nap, having his diaper changed, going to bed, etc.  He comes up with excuse after excuse!

On Sunday afternoon I told LP that after he was done putting his puzzle back together it would be time for his nap.  Of course he immedia…

A Masterly Master....

Before I get into the before and after photos of our freshly painted master bedroom (YAY!) here's a photo of the curtains I made for the office.  They're what I like to call "cheater" roman blinds- the fabric is cut long enough to cover the entire window if we ever need to darken the room for any reason but the pleats are safety pinned in place.  Eventually I plan to attach buttons to the shade in order to be able to put it up and down more easily but I didn't have enough matching buttons on hand and so safety pins will do for now!  I have to get some better shots but the colors of the curtains really tie in nicely with the area rug and the artwork we have in here. 

This is a piece of artwork I bought while traveling in South Africa.  It's been hanging at the top of our stairs for a year or so now and I was thrilled to find a spot for it in the office where I can really enjoy it:

And now, on to our master bedroom!  As I mentioned before, our master bedroom was…

Project 365- Week-10

Week 10:

Before and After: Work Edition

When I started my current job back in April, 2008 I inherited a VERY messy office.  People who know me know that I can be pretty anal about certain things (although I've learned to relax a bit since being married and having a baby) and the office was not conducive to getting any real work done.  At least not for me.  For the woman who came before me, I guess it worked for her.

I took some "before" photos and then neglected to take any "after" photos for almost 3 years.  Well, I'm staying late at work today to meet some friends for a drink at 5 (I normally work until 2) so decided to use my awesome camera phone to get some photos.

I share my office with my boss, a retired professor.  He's only here for half an hour or so each day though as he has his own office in the main campus library and so he doesn't keep things here.  He pretty much stops in, has me type up some letters for him, and then is on his way.  It's a pretty big space though and was …

Project 365- Weeks-8, 9, and February

I'm home from work today with a sick little man.  LP came down with a stomach virus last night and is currently cozied up on the couch watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  In between cuddling him, cleaning up vomit, and doing laundry I managed to catch up a bit on my Project 365 layouts.

Here are my photos from Week 8:

Here's Week 9:

And here's the whole month of February:

Back to cuddling my sick little guy!

I Heart Faces Anything But a Face!

This week at I ♥ Faces  the theme is "Anything But a Face."  The photo has to show a person, but not their face.  I love this photo of LP checking out the "Nemo" fish at Mystic Aquarium- you get the sense that he's trying to stand on his tippy-toes to see better and I love the dramatic colors of the fish tank against the darker background....

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