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Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Year...

Was just getting ready to post scrapbook pages M and N for my "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Year" project and realized I never posted H, I, K or L!  So here they all are!

H is for Happy:

Credits: Meredith Fenwick: Background Paper from Sweet Notions Kit, Messy Stitches; Miss Mint: Wild Weekend Bubble Wrap Paint; JeannJeann G Design: Pink Brush Stroke Frame; Genevieve Sass: Freestyle Clipping Mask for Photo; Sue Cummins: 4x4 Chalk Frame; Carrie Bombria

I is for Ice Cream:

Background Paper: TracyAnn; Scalloped Graph Paper: Holly McCaig; Curled Edge Paper: GabHappyScraps; White Frame: Creashens at Two Little Pixels; Black Frame: Kristy Ann; Doodled Frame: Michelle Coleman, Hullabaloo; Glitter Circle: MissHunibuni; Blue Glitter: Corina

K is for Kitchen:

Background: Danielle Engebretson, Squares: Robyn England, Paper Strips: Melgen Designs; Arrows: KElfin; Black Ribbon: Jessica Bolton; Orange Ribbon: Little Dreamer Designs; Frame Cluster: Nancy Comelab

L is for Love


Precious Boy

Yet another scrapbook page... I LOVE this one!

Credits: Background: Lisa Howell, Scratchy Slate; Clipped Number Art: Taylormade; Glitter: Christine Renee, Cocktail Hour; Stitching: Kathryn Balint. Scraplifted from layout by Paislee Press

A Very Special Christmas Gift...

My family has a tradition of making videos for each other for special occasions. We once did a hysterical spoof of E's True Hollywood Story about our family, in which I played a Martha Stewart version of my self (yes, I'm a Martha wannabe), one brother was Secretary of State and one was unemployed after being fired from the Gap... (I'll let those of you who know us guess which brother was which!)

This year I was the lucky recipient, I suppose because I brought the first grandchild into the world... I was finally able to upload it (You Tube wouldn't let me upload it with the original music due to copyright issues- but it's really best with the original music. Hopefully I won't get in trouble!) and wanted to share it with everyone!

It's a slide show of sorts, not a spoof... But those of you who know me and/or my family will probably enjoy it (I loved it- they said I'd cry, I swore I wouldn't, but, of course, I did!)

Photo Shoot!

On February 16 I did another photo shoot of LP- It seems like I do one around the same time every month and I'm going to try to keep up the routine!

Here are just a few of my favorites (click here if you want to see MANY more!):

Ok that was more than just a few!  It's sooo hard for me to narrow it down though! 

The Unexpected....

When I found out I was pregnant with LP I knew that there would be a lot of emotions and feelings to go alone with pregnancy and parenthood.  I expected to be excited, happy, terrified, scared, crazy, joyful, tearful, awed, amazed, and exhausted.  The one feeling I really didn't expect was guilt.  I know I've touched on this already but I'd like to talk about it again (and I'm pretty sure that in this journey of parenthood this will not be the last time I bring up this topic!)

It's been 4 weeks since I last wrote about guilt.  Little Paul was 9 weeks old and I felt guilty about leaving him alone in his bouncy seat while I conditioned my hair, guilty about putting him in his swing so that I could actually eat breakfast in peace, and guilty about not wanting to be with him every single second of the day.  Now LP is 13 weeks old and I've gotten over all of that.  I need to condition my hair, I deserve to eat breakfast, and he doesn't need me to hover over him …

Valentine's Day....

Big Paul, Little Paul and I had a very relaxing, but very nice Valentine's Day.  Little Paul and I went to a baby music class with a friend in the morning and came home to a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates....

In the afternoon Grammy and Papa came by and gave LP a special Valentine treat- a GIANT teddy bear!

For dinner we made a yummy chocolate hazelnut and banana crepe dessert.. That's right, who needs dinner when you can go right to dessert?  Big Paul was on crepe duty (I'm lucky enough to have married a man who owned the following kitchen items when I met him: crepe pan, kitchen torch, creme brulee ramekins, french onion soup bowls- and he knows how to use them too!) and I was on "entertain baby" duty and then "assembly" duty...

Here's my Valentine chef hard at work:

Little Paul's favorite new thing to do now that he can hold his head up so well and wants to be sitting up all the time is to sit in his highchair in the kitchen and watch …

Lots of Firsts....

Two weeks ago LP and I went to Pennsylvania to visit NaNa and Grandpa for the first time.  LP was very good in the car on the way there- he slept for the first two and a half hours at which point I stopped to feed him in the car in a McDonald's parking lot.  He then dozed a bit more and only started really crying the last 45 minutes of the trip.  What normally takes me just over 5 hours only took 6 hours with him in tow so I was pretty happy about that!

As soon as we arrived on Monday the "Little Paul Show" started!  First he met NaNa's yoga class (unfortunately we didn't get any photos but needless to say there was lots of oohing and aahing!).  And of course, there was lots of cuddling by Nana and Grandpa:

Pretty soon it was time for bed and Little Paul continued his streak of going to sleep around 9pm with hardly any crying and waking up between 5 and 6 am! 

Tuesday was a busy day!  Mommy had a massage in the morning (thanks NaNa!) and then we went out for Chines…