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Week-13, a photo by emskyrooney on Flickr. And here's Week 13! (missed one day this week and relied on my camera phone for a few photos!)


Week-12, a photo by emskyrooney on Flickr. I'm way behind on these but here's Week 12 of my Project 365!


Over the past year my patience has been seriously tested.Many of my friends and family know about this but it’s not something I’ve really shared on my blog other than a passing comment here and there.Now’s the time though, and I’m warning you now that has turned into a pretty long post so bear with me! (Or skip it all together!I won’t be offended!)We’ve been officially trying to conceive baby #2 for more than a year now, going on something like 15 or 16 months.And it’s not going the way that I’d hoped, planned, or expected that it would.When we decided to have our first baby my doctor gave us the OK to go off the Pill and start trying.He said it would probably take a few months for my body to get back on track after being on the Pill for so many years and so we should be patient.And mostly, we were.We’d only been married a little over a year, and had just bought a new house so we had plenty of other distractions.And in the end, it only took a few months before we were pregnant with LP…

Recent Projects...

Since getting my Silhouette SD I've had a ton of fun using it for various projects.  Here's a few things I made recently but couldn't share on the blog until they'd all been given to the recipients!

For our little college reunion I made matching initial t-shirts for all the kids.  The three girls all have names that start with "E" so they're all the same.  I used green flocked heat transfer material to cut out a pansy shape (the "official flower" of the sorority all of us moms belonged to) and then cut the initials out of a coordinating fabric.  The pansies were ironed on and then I used an applique stitch on my sewing machine to stitch the initials in place. 

The little boys all have different initials but the process was the same.  For the boys I used red flocked heat transfer to cut out stars (another sorority symbol- it was sort of an inside joke for the moms) and then stitched the initials on.

Here's LP in his shirt:

And here's a gr…

Test Blog!

I'm testing out a new blogging app on my iPad... Thought I'd share a few pics of LP (what else is new, right?)Hope this looks ok!!

New Floors!

While LP and I spent the week in Pennsylvania, BP decided the time was right to refinish the floors in two more rooms in our house.  All of the bedrooms have hardwood floors and the only one we had redone so far was the floor in LP's big boy room, leaving the nursery, the master bedroom, and the office (which is technically the 4th bedroom) to be done.  Paul likes to do the floors when we're away as the house gets pretty stinky from the stain and the polyurethane he uses.

Before I left for PA I helped Paul clear out the nursery, moving all of the furniture into LP's room and our room.  He started sanding those floors over the weekend and then once we were out of the house started staining them and then moved everything out of the office to get started down there.

I don't have any great before photos, but here you can see what the office floor looked like:

The floor was in pretty bad shape, and the oak color also didn't blend nicely with the tigerwood that we put down …

Pennsylvania, April 2011

Last week LP and I went to Pennsylvania for a week to visit Nana and Pappy and to have a mini reunion with some of my college friends.

One of Pappy's favorite hobbies is feeding the local deer population corn.  LP loves to help with this (although he chatters so much that the deer won't usually get too close).   When LP isn't there some of the deer will walk right up to the wall where my dad puts the corn while he's still standing there. 

Here's Pappy putting the corn on the wall:

Deer enjoying the free meal:

This one is interested in LP:

A view of the deer from my parents' bedroom- there were more than 20 at one point!

While in PA LP, my mom and I got to visit with my Aunt Doris.   I hadn't seen her since I was pregnant with LP so this was a huge treat!  We had a great day and LP LOVED playing with Aunt Doris and her kitty cat. 

We enjoyed some quiet time playing with trains (of course!):

And then headed out to Carlisle, PA where I went to school to get our lit…