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3 Years!

Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary.  We celebrated at home, at our new dining room table, with grocery store sushi and mini cheesecakes for dessert.  We were serenaded by LP who joined us in his high chair at the dinner table and who chattered and clapped while we ate and fed him bits of rice.  We talked about our third year together, how it went so quickly, how we've done so much, how happy we are to be our perfect little family.  And then we went to bed early after being kissed by the dogs and by our son.

And it might not have been a fancy dinner out but it was perfect anyway- all of us together in our cozy house, all of us healthy, all of us happy, closer than ever.

Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Eleven

First things first, you may recall that at our last check-up with the pediatrician at month 9 the doctor was concerned that LP's head was growing too quickly.  A few weeks ago we headed back to their office to have Paul's head measured (6 times by 3 people- can we say overkill???) and everything is fine.  Apparently they "must have underestimated his head circumference at an earlier appointment."  Dr. C said to me several times, "I hope you weren't too worried about this all month," to which I replied "not really, no- I'm not a big worrier."  Which is, strangely, and all of a sudden, true.  All of my life I've been a worrier and have the insomnia to prove it, but about LP I don't worry so much- I've been trusting my instincts and it turns out that they generally lead me in the right direction....

So on to month eleven.  Paul and I have always loved the fall, in fact 3 years ago tomorrow we got married, 2 years ago we bought ou…