Aug 30, 2013

August: What Light Looks Like

This month’s theme for our Bloom forum photos is “light.”  I've been trying out some things using the lights from my kid's toys.  I'm hoping to be able to explore this a little more sometime soon but here's what I've done for now!

Here's Eliza and her cousin Madeleine playing with a toy camera that lights up:

And some of Eliza playing with her light up glowworm and seahorse at nap time...

Now head on over to see what Monika Eisenbart of Rockland, NY has posted!


  1. This is very cool. I like your first image a lot. Combination of shadows and light is perfect.

  2. What a fun interpretation of this theme! I especially love the perspective of peering through the crib slats, so sweet.



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