Aug 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Eliza Rose!

Our little Eliza Rose with the button nose has made one full rotation around the sun and now she is one.   She has changed our family in more ways than we even began to imagine when we first found out that we’d be adding to our family.

With the arrival of Eliza, Paul became a big brother.  No longer the only child, he's jumped right in to his new role quite happily.  He’s always adored babies and there are no exceptions for his increasingly pesky baby sister.  Any time we’re out somewhere LP introduces Eliza to everyone he meets, saying, “This is my baby sister, Eliza.  Isn't she adorable?”  If she falls asleep in her car seat Paul will whisper to me, “Mama, drive quietly- Baby Sister is sleeping and she’s soooo cute.”   Of course, as she gets more mobile and independent there have been some squabbles- but the love between big brother and little sister is always there.

With the arrival of Eliza, we became the parents of two children.   It’s been both easier and harder than we expected.  Since LP was such an easy baby we thought we might end up with a devil child next, but Eliza has been just as easy going.  She sleeps well, eats well, plays nicely on her own and is generally a very happy baby.  The juggling of two has at times been harder; LP was so used to having our undivided attention and it’s definitely been an adjustment for all of us.  There were certainly some times when I didn't know who to take care of first!

With the arrival of Eliza, we became the parents of a daughter.  All of my friends said, “just wait- girls are more dramatic than boys,” and I have to admit that I didn't believe them until recently.   Eliza is so determined to get what she wants and has begun throwing huge fits when things don’t go her way.   She’s desperate to walk but hasn't quite found her balance yet which usually ends with her throwing herself on the floor in a screaming heap.   If Paul hugs her too tightly or gets too close when she doesn't want to be bothered she yells and pushes him away.   And she screams- shrill screams at the top of her lungs, both when she’s mad and when she’s excited. I guess it really is a girl thing, I should have believed everyone!

This past year with Eliza in our family has been amazing.  She completes our little quartet and has added so much joy and love to our lives.  

Happy first birthday our sweet girl- we love you!

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