Blogs I Love

I'm a bit obsessed with blogs- I somehow seem to have subscribed to more than 500 in my google reader.. Fortunately, they don't all post daily!
Here are a few of my current favorites!

Cooking and Baking 

     Delicious and easy recipes for the home cook.

     Super-woman Ree Drummond shares fabulous recipes with great tips and tutorials.

     Fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City. Oh, and the mother of a toddler too.

     Easy and healthy food for kids.

Coupons and Deals

    Coupons, freebies, and great deals!

    Local (Boston area) deals and coupons.


    Cute ideas, including the most adorable cardboard kitchen ever. 

    Great craft ideas, I especially love that there are lots of ideas for little boys!


Kevin and Amanda
Super cute (and free!) fonts, fabulous tips on customizing Blogger, great recipes, and cute photos!

     The intersection of motherhood and design.  She's big-time in the blog world folks...

     A friend of a friend, she blogs about work, life with 2 kids, etc.  Very wry and sarcastic which I love!

     My favorite children's artist- you'll LOVE her work!

     Maker of gorgeous jewelry (I'll take one of each, please!).  She also shares stories about her family along with gorgeous photographs. 

     Scrapbooking, photography, cooking, parenting.  An all-around great blog full of bright colors!


    Home. Design. Children.

    Cool stuff for kids, picked by moms.

    How to raise safe, self-reliant kids (without going nuts!)

    The name says it all!

Photography Inspiration

     Sunny and bright photography inspiration.

     Great photography inspiration from a family photographer in Orange County.

     Cute and kitschy photography, crafts, and digital scrapbooking.


     If you scrapbook and DON'T know who Ali Edwards is- you must be living under a rock! 

     Ditto for Katie Pertiet.

     This new mom/scrapbooker/designer creates adorable hybrid (paper and digital scrapbooking combined) layouts.
Sewing and Quilting

     Cute sewing projects.

     Great tutorials and ideas, plus a lover of Project Runway.

     Cute sewing tutorials, plus a whole month devoted to sewing for boys!

     Great photos, modern quilting, and super tutorials!

     Sweet sweet sewing inspiration.

     Modern quilting.


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