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Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Eighteen

And so the little man is a year and a half old (plus a week since I'm late with this post, as usual!).  It's hard to believe! 

LP is in full-fledged toddler mode.  He's no longer a baby, and wants to make sure that we're aware of this at all times. 

Things to remember:

1.  He's starting to pick up on colors.  Yesterday he said "Bert! Wellow!!"  while looking at one of his Sesame Street books.

2.  His new obsession:  Thomas the Tank Engine ("Choo choo!!!!  Yay Choo choo!!!") We let him watch one or two short episodes before bed at night and he goes crazy for them. 
3.  Suddenly, he's taller.  He came running up to Paul and I the other day with a spoon in his hand.  When I asked where he got it he pointed to the kitchen counter.  Paul looked at me and said "since when can he reach the counter?". I said "I guess since now."  Uh-oh.

4.  His love for the outdoors is still strong.  Especially if he has a bucket of water and…

I e Faces - Faces with Flowers

This week at I ♥ Faces the topic is "Faces with Flowers."  I took this one of LP "helping" me plant day lillies a few weeks ago (they're not blooming yet, but are still flowers, right?)

Be sure to go toI ♥ Faces to check out the other entries!

Grads are Rad...

This past weekend I traveled (minus Big and Little Paul) to Ann Arbor, Michigan for my youngest brother Spencer's graduation from Law School.  Turns out Ann Arbor is a pretty cute little town- even in the blustery cold rain!

Some highlights from the trip:

A walking tour of campus:

The old part of the library reflected in the new(er) part...

Spencer being "lawyer-ly"


My first Chicago-style hot dog.  (Hello Sport Peppers- didn't expect you to be so spicy!!)

An actual graduation...

Proud friends:

Proud graduates (in silly hats):

Proud big brothers:

Proud big sisters:

And of course, proud parents:

Another highlight??  As if graduation wasn't enough we all stayed in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright!  We're big fans of FLW's work (not necessarily of his behavior) and were so excited that Spence rented the Palmer House for us to stay in.  The house itself was very cool, with a large open living room/dining room and teeny tiny bedrooms down a teenier t…

Mother's Day

I just got back to Massachusetts after a weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan, celebrating my little brother's graduation from Law School. It was wonderful being with my parents, brothers, and other dear friends over the weekend but I sure missed Paul and Little Paul who had stayed behind!

And so, because I spent most of my day traveling and then soaking up some cuddles from LP I didn't have a chance to write a real post for Mother's Day this year. I thought instead that I'd put up my post from last year again... Enjoy!

And happy happy Mother's Day to all of you!!!


I love to read. It's something I inherited from my mother and from her mother before her.... I read fiction, non-fiction, biography, cookbooks, anything I can get my hands on. As a child I used to stay up late at night reading under the covers with a flashlight or crouching in the hallway next to the nightlight.... There …


2 new digital scrapbook pages to share:

Credits: Background: Taylormade, Casually Fitting In and Anna Aspnes, 10 Things; Inked Edge: House of 3; Bricks: Aja Abney; Every Life Word Art: 4SBD; Dandelion: Denise Bailey; Sweet Word Art: Sahlin Studio; Font: Jane Austen

Credits: Background- DTope; Blue Papers: Lori Barnhurst and Lori Davi; Ink Spots: Melgen Design and Megan Leeson; Square Stitching: Natali; Paper Overlay: elena; Frame: Jessica Bolton; Tape: JCrowley; Notepaper strip: Katie Pertiet; Messy Stitching: Doris Castle; Starburst Stiching: Kara Perrien; Scraplifted from page seen at blog: Thompson Family Life by Martha Bonneau