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Romantic Comedy. Drama. Bromance. Horror. Thriller. Sci-Fi. Action. Adventure. Mystery.

If parenthood was a movie on Netflix it could fall under any of these headings depending on the day (and sometimes depending on the hour or even the minute).

On a good day, it’s a Romantic Comedy: birds are singing, dogs are wagging their tails, parents are happily reading “Goodnight Moon” for the hundredth time, the baby chuckles at mommy’s tickles and then goes to sleep easily, curled up in his crib with his little bum up in the air and his legs tucked under his tummy. And everyone lives Happily Ever After.

On a bad day, parenthood falls right into the Horror genre: exhausted parents, screaming babies, poop and/or puke everywhere, perhaps even some blood to round out the color palette. Toys strewn about, pages ripped out of books, and at least one person in the house yelling with rage and frustration.

Often it’s a Mystery, as the parents question what the heck they’re doing: “Did b…

Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Twenty-Two

LP's second birthday is just around the corner!  We've decided that for his birthday we're going to get LP a "big boy bed" and are also going to move him into the spare bedroom so now we're making plans to decorate that room as it hasn't been touched since we moved in (and comes complete with hideous bright blue paint and an aquarium themed wallpaper border).  I'll share some details of the direction we're going in another post!

Meanwhile, here are some things to remember about Paul at age 22 months:

1.  Little Paul (generally) has very nice manners.  I LOVE that we usually don't have to prompt him to say please and thank you.  Paul and I both think that having good manners is very important and I'm so happy that we've been able to get started right with LP.

2.  He's started exercising some independence when it comes to what he wears every day.  "No shirt" he'll say, indicating that he wants to wear something differe…

Summer Summer Summertime!

(feel free to sing along with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh know you want to!)

Our summer has been swamped- at least the last few weeks of it!

It all started with a trip to the Cape with Paul's whole family.  Both his brothers flew out from Vegas with their significant others (one with his wife and our 4 year old niece, LP's only cousin so far; the other with his girlfriend) and along with Paul's parents we all spent a week in a teeny tiny house on the Cape about an hour south of where we live.  So, it was almost a "staycation" I guess. 

We had lots of fun with plenty of beach time, mini golf, and ice cream cones- all the things that come standard on a vacation to the Cape. 
LP and Granny on the boardwalk before a clambake one night...

We got to hang out with my high school bestie and her little man who were on the cape too.  Soooo fun and I hate that they live so far away in New Jersey... Wish we could hang out all the time!

LP got to run around with …

Big Foot...

Recent scrapbook page:

Background: Nina, friends; Measuring Tape: MST;  Label: Digital Couture; Frame Cluster: Welli Designs; Priceless: Kelly Thompson of OAK Scraps; Staples: Flergs and Leah Riordan; Stitching: Annie Manning of Paint the Moon; Eyelets: Anita Stergiou and KSchmidt; Screw: Vicki Stegall