Aug 12, 2013

10 on 10: August

Here's August's 10 on 10!  It was a quiet day at home with just a trip to the playground to shake things up!  Thought I'd try something new by adding captions to each photo- what do you think?  For some reason they look a little blurry to  me- will have to figure that out for next time!











Now head on over to Kate Suzanne Photography in Asheville for her 10 on 10!


  1. Great memories captured! And I love the captions! I think it makes them so much more relatable. And you'll love having that years down the road. Adorable kiddos!!!

  2. What a lovely day... and you made me laugh at "full of bologna"... and at "worn out". I know there are lots of these fun days ahead!



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