Aug 1, 2013

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 11

I’m late on this post by a few days as we were visiting Nana and Pappy in Pennsylvania last week and just got back a few days ago.   In just over three weeks Eliza will turn one which is completely and utter craziness.   The year went so so so quickly and I can’t believe my baby is almost a toddler.  

At 11 months Eliza’s personality is out in full force.  She’s turning into a bit of a drama queen- yelling if she doesn’t get her way and throwing full out, on the floor, kicking and screaming tantrums.  I’ve heard that girls are more dramatic than boys and Eliza is definitely proving the theory right- while LP has definitely thrown (and still throws) his share of tantrums, never once has he thrown himself to the floor screaming the way Eliza does.  I have to say it’s pretty humorous, at least at this point!


Eliza is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING and wants more than anything to walk.  She cruises on the furniture and would do laps up and down the hallway holding our hands all day if our backs could take it.  We ended up buying her a baby walker and she adores being able to be a little more independent.   She spent close to an hour running around the driveway yesterday, chasing after LP on his bike. 



Eliza makes the funniest faces.   She almost always has her tongue sticking out, sometimes curled under, sometimes twisted to the side, sometimes blowing raspberries…  She’s very expressive and very silly.



Like her big brother, Eliza Rose talks all the time.   Between the two of them it’s non-stop noise around here.   While LP was more of a “ba ba ba ma ma ma” kind of babbler though, Eliza rolls her “r’s” and makes a yodeling kind of noise.  “Deegal deegal deegal!!” she says, adding exclamations and pauses for emphasis.   She seems to really be mimicking the way we speak but just in another language.  Her only real word so far is “No!” which is probably because she hears it from LP and I all day long:  “No no Eliza!  The dog water isn’t for you!”  She also has sounds for the dogs and for LP that she makes pretty consistently.


Eliza continues to be a good sleeper (knocking on all the wood).  She sleeps from 7 pm to 7 am without getting up, takes a short morning nap and a longer afternoon nap.   And she’s also good about missing naps if needed- if we’re out and about she might take a catnap in the car which usually does the trick.


Eliza has 8 teeth with at least 2 more coming any time now.  We weighed her at Nana’s house and she weighed in at 19 pounds, so she’s the same size as LP was at her age but she feels a bit sturdier.  In fact, while at Nana and Pappy’s house my niece came to visit too- she’s 7 weeks older than Eliza and while they seemed to be about the same height pretty much everyone thought Eliza was heavier.  We weighed them and they were exactly the same!  Eliza seems to carry the weight a little differently or something.




Eliza's favorite activities right now are: playing with her brother's toys, pulling herself up, and playing chase with LP- he runs around the house (a circle through the living room, hallway, kitchen and dining room) and she crawls after at breakneck speeds, trying to catch up, both of them yelling and giggling.   A few times my mother has called while they're playing and we haven't been able to chat over the screaming.  



Eliza loves playing with Daddy too- and particularly enjoyed going to the beach where Daddy dipped her over and over again into the water while she chuckled and screamed.  


So that's the 11 month update- a little late, but better than not at all!

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