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Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 20

Time is moving too quickly around here and I totally missed Eliza’s 19 month “Things to Remember.”  Oh well, I’m the first to admit that I’m not perfect!While LP and Eliza have been on pretty much the same exact track developmentally (here’s LP’s 20 month Things to Remember for comparison) they do have very different personalities.   LP has always been a pretty easy going kid; he’s not terribly fussy about things and when he gets mad or upset he gets over it pretty quickly.   At his 20 month pediatrician checkup he was nice and calm the whole time.   We had Eliza’s checkup this morning and it was polar opposites!   She’s very fussy lately about not having clothes on and got mad at me when I undressed her.  She yelled at the nurse, wouldn’t look at or talk to the doctor, and screamed bloody murder when they did her shots.   As soon as we put her clothes back on she was all smiles.   The good news is that she’s gaining weight and growing nicely- in fact, she’s a little taller than the a…

Chic Cocktail Swing Coat

I just finished sewing up yet another Heidi and Finn pattern- the adorable Chic Cocktail Swing Coat.  I had added this pattern to my Pinterest “Sewing for Kids” board more than 2 years ago, before Eliza was born and have been dying to make it ever since…   I made my version with a cotton outer and a fleece lining.   I chose to do a collar instead of a hood mainly because I didn’t have quite enough of the fleece to squeeze out the hood- in fact, I had to make the sleeves a teeny bit narrower in order to fit the patterns on the fabric I had (I pulled from my stash so was trying to work with what I had). Eliza was in my sewing room as I was putting this together and once she figured out that it was a coat for her she wouldn’t stop talking about it until it was finished and she was wearing it.  “Coat!  Coat!  Me, Coat!” she kept yelling.  Fortunately she loves to wear it and has had many compliments on it when we’re out and about.
Using the fleece as a lining made this coat just the right …