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Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Thirteen

Wow!  LP has changed so much just in the last few weeks!

Some things to remember about month thirteen with this little guy in our lives:

1.  He STILL loves to eat- looks like he definitely inherited Daddy's bottomless pit of a stomach!  He's so greedy about food that one night, after he'd already been fed, he decided that our dinner looked good too and grabbed a crab rangoon off the table for himself (that's what we get for eating at the coffee table!). 

2.  LP's first word was not Mama or Dada or doggy as we'd expected.  Instead, it's "Hi!," sometimes accompanied by a wave, sometimes not.  Usually pronounced "Hi-eee" although he sometimes leaves the "h" off.  At day care he walks around all day saying hi to everyone- too cute!

3.  He's not fully walking yet but is taking 5-6 steps between people or pieces of furniture.  He's even stopped walking, changed direction, and started back up again.  It seems as though he do…

I ♥ Faces "Pets" Contest

This weeks I ♥ Faces contest theme is "Pets."  I have tons of hysterical photos of Gabby being Gabby but thought I'd share a photo I took of our other dog, Socks, for a change.

Be sure to go toI ♥ Faces to check out the other entries!

One Quick Project....

For a while I've been looking at purchasing a bookshelf for LP's books like this one where all the books face forward:

Then one of the bloggers I read (and now, of course, I can't remember who it was!) had the brilliant idea to take an old shoe rack and turn it into a similar shelf.  "Aha!" I  thought!  We had an old DVD rack down in the basement that could probably be put to use again!

It looked a lot like this:

So this past weekend I finally got around to it.  And it was one of those projects that I wish I'd done long ago as it hardly took any time at all!  The result:

Of course, LP's favorite new game is called "Dump and Drop" where he dumps over his toy baskets or pulls everything off a shelf so while he did sit and quietly look at a book for a few minutes after I had his new shelf set up, less than 5 minutes later he'd pulled everything off the shelves, even standing on his tippytoes to reach the toys on the top shelf.

I'm pretty happy w…

You Tube Update...

For those of you who read my blog but who aren't on Facebook, here are a couple recent videos of LP:

A Birthday and Thanksgiving Blur....

I just realized I never did a post about LP's first birthday party or our Thanksgiving!  I'd better get caught up or I'll be posting Christmas stuff in July!!

So where to begin?  LP turned 1 on November 17.  So the Saturday before we had his very first (teddy-bear themed) birthday party.  My parents came up for the weekend and we invited our friends from our little Friday playgroup.

First we decorated.

And cooked.

And spent hours making a teddy bear cake.

And then we partied!  Here's LP with all of his best buddies!

Pappy Wawa was VERY excited about LP's presents...

But LP was more excited about his cake!

After the party Paul and I gave him our present- a bouncy pony that right now he likes to pet but doesn't like to ride on.

And Nana and Pappy Wawa gave him a push wagon!

That evening there were even MORE presents from Great Aunt Cindi (aka GAC) and Great GrandmaRee (aka G.G.)

LP loved the cards the most (reminder to self- just give the kid a bunch of greeting cards for C…