Aug 16, 2013

Pattern Test and Review!

Recently I was chosen to test Heidi and Finn’s newest clothing pattern- the Slouchy Cardigan.  I’ve purchased and sewed several of their patterns (the Urban Unisex Hoodie is a fave!), and loved them so I was very excited to be able to try the newest pattern before its official debut.



This pattern goes together so quickly!  It took me about 20 minutes to cut out the fabric (I squeeze in the time by cutting at the kitchen counter while the kids play or eat lunch).  I spent just under an hour sewing it together on my serger- and I probably could have done it in 45 minutes except I had a little trouble with one cuff and had to remove it halfway and start over.  The cuffs were the trickiest part- especially on the 12 month size which has such small openings!  It took a little finagling but I figured out the right technique pretty quickly and the pattern directions show in very clear pictures the best way to attach them.  You can choose your own size for the banding that forms the collar and goes all the way around- I cut mine at 4 inches wide.
Getting great pictures of Eliza wearing the cardigan turned out to be harder than actually sewing it- crawling babies don’t sit still for long!



The fabric I used I’ve had in my stash for quite a while, waiting for just the perfect project.  It’s a lightweight knit with tiny silver dots on it- very subtle sparkles!   I have enough of the fabric left that I’m a little tempted to figure out how to make the same cardigan in my size as it’s so cute and versatile!



Eliza fits quite nicely into the 12 month size and it’s an adorable lightweight cardigan for the cooler weather coming up.  The sleeve cuffs are long and snug so that you can scrunch them up or the cuff them or wear them longer over the tops of the hands a bit. 

In the first photo below the sleeves aren’t cuffed- you can see how they come down over the tops of Eliza’s hands a bit.  It’s a very cute look but she got frustrated trying to crawl like that so I’ll probably cuff them up most of the time until she’s walking.  In the second photo you can see how they look cuffed up.



I’d highly recommend this pattern for anyone looking for something quick and adorable to sew for a little girl.  The pattern is available in sizes ranging from 12 Months to a regular girls’ size 12 and would be pretty cute for any age!  The directions were clear and easy to follow and the final result is fantastic- just like all of the Heidi and Finn patterns I’ve tried so far!

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