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Eliza Rose: Month Two

Apparently I'm blogging on an every two week schedule.  Need to get better about that.  I blame Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for my lack of updates here- everybody already knows what I'm up to!That said, I can't neglect my little munchkin on her 8 week old birthday.  It's a complete cliche, but it feels as though Eliza has been part of our family forever.  She fits right in like a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of life and we're all feeling a bit more complete.Waking up from a nap in her carseat with her stylish polka dot boots on...I know I always said that LP was such an easy baby.  And he really was.  But Eliza is giving him a run for his money in the easy baby competition.  (And yes, I'm knocking on wood, crossing my fingers, and holding my breath while I type this).  I've been reading back through my blog entries from when LP was around the 2 month mark and there was quite a bit about the difficulties of breast feeding and trying to get him to sleep …


So my big fancy camera has had a bit of a haitus lately.  The weather has been dreary so it's not bright enough inside for great photos and we're so busy with life in general that it's all I can do to grab my phone and snap a few quick photos sometimes...  When I'm not nursing Eliza I'm most likely making a peanut butter sandwich for LP, doing laundry, or maybe snagging a quick shower.  I don't know if I mentioned before that although we'd planned to keep LP in day care 2 days a week throughout my maternity leave (I go back to work for one month between Thanksiving and Christmas and then will be laid off), we ended up pulling him out so he's home with me 5 days a week.  It's been a big adjustment for both of us- I was expecting to have some time with just Eliza and he's used to being with kids his age more but we're doing pretty well.  We've had some great playdates, yoga classes at the library, and some other little adventures.  I find …