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Baby Sister's Nursery- Finito!!

As the baby countdown draws nearer, and our schedule seems to be getting busier, I was on a serious mission to get the nursery done.  I'm not sure why I was so focused on it, since Baby Sister will sleep in our room for the first couple months of her life anyway, and cleaning and installing the baby car seat and figuring out where my breast pump and bottles are would have been a more efficient use of my time, but I just needed to get it done.  And I did.  At least, until I see some other awesome project on Pinterest that I want to try!  (and oh!  I just realized I didn't update the mobile yet for over the crib!  I'll have to come up with a plan and add that to my list!)

Once again, for those of you who might be new to my blog, Baby Sister's nursery started out as LP's nursery.  Here's how it looked back then (these photos were taken before the nursery was totally done- for some reason I can't find any finished product photos and it's looking a bit sparse):


Revamped Vintage Lamp



This was my inspiration board for making the switch from "boy" nursery to "girl":

nursery-girl copy

And here's the final product! (With way too many photos because I'm currently a bit obsessed!)


The view from the door:

The contact paper eyelet trim turned out exactly how I imagined back when I first posted about it.  


I LOVE how our new rug ties the colors together....


Moving around the room towards the closet which we use as a changing area... (As Baby Sister gets older we'll get rid of the changing table and either add doors back to the closet or move the dresser inside.)


The wall between the closet and the door:


The wall that the door opens onto with the cross stitch rose (originally blogged here):


Some details!


The pink curtains were made from a set of Cynthia Rowley sheets that I picked up on clearance at Homegoods.  I added a ruffle to the bottom and some tulle behind...


Up above is a valance with some vintage button trim to hide the blackout blinds behind them...


I'm a lifelong fan of Audrey Hepburn and thought that the blank space above the changing table was the perfect place for one of my favorite Audrey quotes, "Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls..."



Also hanging in the changing area is this little gown that was my father's when he was a baby (way back when all babies wore dresses!):


And of course, a girl must have shoes!  Nana couldn't resist these!


The tall dresser from our old bedroom set was given a makeover.  We painted it pink and added pretty crystal handles.  (It's mate was painted blue and given nickel handles for LP's big boy room).  


On top of the dresser are some sentimental photos and 2 prints from a book of vintage artwork along with a spaniel nightlight...



The photos are of my Nana and of my bridesmaids and me on our wedding day-  I know all of these wonderful women will be watching out for Baby Sister from near and far, from here on earth and from up above....


The wall between the closet and the door is hung with a shadow box holding a hand embroidered layette set that Paul's aunt (Hubby Paul, not Little Paul) made for him when he was born.  She's no longer with us and I'm so thankful to have this family heirloom...  



On the same wall is one of my favorite pieces of artwork, "read with me" done by Sarah Jane of Sarah Jane Studios. I bought this print on Etsy before we even had LP and had been hoping to be able to one day hang it in a little girl's room...


Next to it is a sweet little wall hanging that one of Paul's (many!) aunts sent us for Baby Sister:


In the crib area we have my Nana's vintage hankies decorating the canopy:


And some vintage plates on the wall.  The top one was my dad's as a little boy, the bottom was a lucky find at an antiques show back when I was decorating the room for LP.


The comfy chair has been updated with an equally comfy ottoman.  The chest and cushion were in LP's nursery (the chest is actually an old tool chest, also found at an antiques show) but this time around I decided to use them in front of the chair and added a strip of fabric across the top to hold the cushion in place.



Above the chair is a piece of art my mother-in-law picked up at an antique store.  She thought the colors would be perfect for our room.  The best part is that when I was a baby my nursery was decorated in a Raggedy Ann and Andy theme which she didn't even realize!  


The nightstand has a vintage lamp.  I chose this one because LP also had one in his nursery which is now in his big boy room.  His lamp was the same manufacturer (Irmi) and was a little boy with a dog.  I love that this one (Jack and Jill) is a little boy and a little girl.  Yes, it's cheesy, but I love the progresson of our family can be seen in the lamps!


And of course, everyone needs a little love and some comfy pillows:



And so, the nursery is ready for Baby Sister to arrive!  What do you think?  

oh and P.S.  I just did a little tallying and this makeover cost us less than $500.  Half of which was the rug!  Woo hoo!! - that's music to this cheapskate's ears!

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  1. It looks gorgeous! I love all the little details! The pink dresser is so pretty and the rug is fantastic! Great job!

  2. Love this nursery - the colors are so pretty and loved how you worked in all the sentimental treasures!

  3. I clicked on this because of the rug! Beautiful job!

  4. Oh, it is just perfect!! Love all the details that make up such a overall impressive, put-together place to welcome Baby Sister home! I love the history of your lives represented. She will know she's loved. :)

  5. Wow! That was a lot of work, but I love how you made it girly. The cross stitch rose is my favorite. Great vintage finds, too!


  6. Great job. I especially like the cross stitched rose and the vintage finds. Way to go!



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