Nov 7, 2013

A Bit of Sewing….

I’ve been on a sewing kick lately- made a few things for Eliza that I thought I’d share (of course, I also have a list about a mile long of things I really need to get working on for Christmas, but bumped them all to make these little, totally not needed but too cute to resist, pieces…).

First up is another Geranium Dress from the pattern by Made by Rae.  The pattern is for a sleeveless dress or one with cap sleeves but I really wanted long sleeves so I drafted my own and they worked out perfectly!  The fabric is a super soft baby corduroy.  I made a mistake and sewed the skirt on the wrong way- instead of picking it all apart though I decided to just cover my seam (which should have been on the inside- whoops, distracted!) with a  fabric band.  I used the same fabric for the lining in the bodice.


On the patch pockets I stitched Eliza’s name- it says “Eliza” on one pocket and “Rose” on the other.. I wish I’d used the polkadot pattern for the pockets as I think it would have shown up better but oh well!  


The dress is so cute on her and so comfy.  Now that she’s walking instead of crawling I’m so excited to put her in more dresses!

About a month ago a ton of pattern designers put together a collection of patterns for an amazing price for one week only that I couldn’t pass up.  The Sew Fab collaberation was 26 patterns for $30 and after looking at each one I just couldn’t resist and made my purchase. 


First up from the Sew Fab Collab is the Bimaa Sweater by Lou Bee Clothing.   I am OBSESSED with this pattern.  There are three versions- cowl neck, shawl neck, and hoodie.  The fit is perfect and with my serger it literally takes me about 20 minutes to sew one together.   Besides the polka dot one below I also made one for Eliza that is solid pink knit with a floral knit cowl.   I didn’t get a chance to photograph that one yet but it’s just as cute.   I’m planning to make LP a shawl neck one next.  


Also from the Sew Fab Collab are the Skinny Jeans by Peekaboo Pattern Shop.  I need to get some better photos of these but they’re very cute and much easier to sew than I expected.   Eliza had a cute sweater on with her jeans at our playgroup this week and literally every other mom asked me where I got them.   My only complaint is that I made the 12 month size based on her measurements and they just barely fit her.   Fortunately I have enough of the fabric left to make the 18 month size in hopes that they last a little longer.   I also have a pair planned for LP out of a grey knit fabric as he’s fussy about wearing jeans but needs a slimmer fit in his pants.  These jeans have so much detail in them- all the little pockets are there, they have an adjustable waistband, and all of the top-stitching that really makes them into “jeans.”  I think they took me about 4 hours to sew and I made quite a few mistakes and spent a fair amount of time ripping out stitches.  Hopefully I can get it down to 3 hours for the next pair!


The final thing was actually something that I sewed months and months ago but that just fits Eliza now.  It’s the Little Girl’s Crossover Pinafore by Smashed Peas and Carrots which is a free (!!!) pattern and tutorial.  There’s a blurry photo of the back below and one of the front.  I used fabric by one of my favorite kids’ artists, Sarah Jane Studios.  The inside is a grey polkadot fabric and it can be worn with either side facing out. 


Oh, and check out Eliza’s cute new do!   I took LP for a haircut yesterday and had them trim Eliza’s bangs.  Without a clip they were always in her eyes and looking scraggly and I think they’re sooo adorable trimmed!

So that’s what I’ve been up to late at night when the house is quiet(ish).   I have about 20 more projects in mind and really need to get working on holiday stuff!


  1. Hello. I have just joined you on Bloglovin after seeing your version of the wrap over dress which I made several of for my grandaughter and great niece. When I saw the age of Eliza and the fact that you are recording her monthly progress I just had to follow as my little grandaughter, Rose Satsuki is almost the same age - September 14. I look forward to catching up all about her. She is very sweet and I can see she has a strong will, just like our Rose.

    1. Thanks so much for reading my blog! Is your profile photo of your granddaughter? She's adorable! And of course I love her name!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I have tried twice to reply but hopefully it's third time lucky. Yes, that is Rose wearing yoghurt. She can use a spoon now, which is less messy but not as amusing. I was talking to her on FaceTime this evening and her hair was wild like a scarecrow. My son said something about playing with mashed potatoes at nursery so she obviously enjoys wearing her food.

    1. Got this reply! Too funny about wearing her food! Eliza is just learning to use the spoon but is very good with her fingers- she's so greedy about food though that she hardly ever wastes any by putting it in her hair!

  4. So so awesome! All of these are fantastic! Thank you for sharing! Love love love :D



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