Jan 25, 2013

What Winter Looks Like...

(Welcome to anyone arriving here from Blue Zebra Photography!)

(Oh!  And this is post # 500 on Ye Olde Blogge.  Wow!)

I mentioned earlier that I'm participating in two different photography projects this year with other members of the Bloom Forum.   The second project I'm participating in are monthly photos that relate to a certain theme or word.

For January, the theme is "Winter."

We've had an odd winter so far here in Massachusetts.  Hardly any snow at all and over the weekend it was actually in the 50's which is pretty unusual.  We did have a brief snowstorm last week though and while LP and Eliza were cozied up on the couch together I wandered around and took a few photos of the scene.  I love how cozy it is in our house when it's snowy out and wanted to capture some images that conveyed that...

From the Inside, Out:




View From the Back Door:




From here you can head over to Kelly Janssen's Photography Blog to see what her winter looks like.  She's in Anna Maria Island,Florida so I bet it's pretty different from New England!


  1. Beautiful photos from the inside out. I think I might have done the same from your warm and cozy place. It makes me remember living in the north - how much I loved looking out at the snow when I didn't have to go out in it! Lovely!

  2. Beautiful!!! Love the "from the inside out" photo!!!

  3. Oooh, so pretty - I feel like I could be sitting inside with you enjoying a nice cup of coffee!

  4. lovely photos. love the second window image. thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes, really wonderful! Love the first image out the window to the playground. You nailed winter for sure.

  6. I really like the fact that you shot some of these from the warmth of your home. I think it really adds to the wintery feel.

  7. Your photos make me jealous of your winter wonderland! Such lovely photography on here :)

  8. You did a wonderful job of capturing how the essence of winter from the inside of your cozy home. Beautiful images and a winter wonderland you have in your own backyard!

  9. I love them all, but most especially the second. Your header is adorable too. Very glad to be in this group with you!

  10. i had no idea we are in the same state! it was so fascinating to see your pictures - the inside out. they feel sheltered, warm, cozy, nestled and appreciative of being inside looking out.

  11. Love these, creative and gorgeous images!



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