Feb 22, 2013

February: What Shadow Looks Like


(Welcome if you’re coming from Suzanne O'Brien Studio in Northern California!)

This month’s group photography theme was “shadow.”  I’ll admit, I had a bit of a hard time with this one.  We’re in the middle of the February doldrums around these parts, and while the sun does shine from time to time it’s cold and blustery and damp most days.  It was tough to get motivated and creative about this, but that’s the whole point of the challenge!

The kids and I were in the living room one afternoon and LP was lining his toys up on the windowsill.  The (frigid) afternoon sun was pouring in and I realized that there was a sort of lightbox effect.   I enlisted LP’s help in photographing some of his favorite toys (and one of Eliza’s) so he was the “stylist” for this little photo shoot.  I think if we ever have a dedicated play room I might frame some of these photos for the walls!

Sophie the Giraffe:


Army Guys:


Captain America (I never noticed how realistic this toy looks until I took this photo.  It kind of creeps me out how much he looks like a real person!)




Roaring Lion:


And of course, LP himself:


To continue in the circle check out Carrie Hyche, Heart of the West Photography!


  1. always fascinated to see how others interpret this...and that window light definitely shows the soft subtleties of shadows. love the shades - the lights and soft darks - on your boy.

  2. Such a cool way to capture shadows!! LOVE the window light and the army men one!!

  3. How cool are these! Especially love the Captain America one! He looks real! Love the lighting in that one so much!

  4. These are so great - I could easily see a trio of these framed in a kids room or the play room!

  5. Your right Captain America is crazy realistic. Would make an awesome poster in a tween boys room!

  6. I would very much agree that these would make amazing prints for the walls. I love them and your determined creativity!

  7. What a great idea to use these for wall prints! Great work!

  8. Love these. I have often thought about photographing my children's favorite toys in a collection like this one. I really think that they would love it. I also really like the way you used the light in the last two images of your son.

  9. Too cute! Captain America does look crazy human-like!

  10. When I first opened your post, I had a little chuckle because I so know the determination to make due. So great job with that, it was an excellent exercise for you it seems. You did a fantastic job capturing the shapes and creating so much visual interest with the shadows. =)

  11. What a creative way to capture shadows! I'm so inspired. <3 beautiful captures.



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