Jun 27, 2012

Mini Nursery Update

I've been on a roll with the nursery projects lately.  The fact that I only have 9 weeks to go (which could easily turn into 6 if Baby Sister decides to copy her big brother and arrive three weeks early) has me on a serious mission to get stuff done...  Add in all the cloth diapers I still have to sew, a gift for our newest little niece that I need to work on (plus another niece arriving in a few weeks) and my to-do list keeps getting longer even though I'm crossing things off every chance I get!

Here are a few more projects I finished up over the weekend....

First, I tackled the crib and made a crib skirt and some slipcovers for the ends of the crib (one end is plexiglass with red, blue and yellow balloons that didn't quite fit in with the look I'm going for).  I made the skirt the right length so that when the mattress is eventually on it's lowest setting the skirt will just touch the floor.  


The slipcovers for the ends are just long pieces of fabric with a bit of trim that tie with ribbons on the bottom of the crib.  I padded them a bit with some fleece on the back so they're soft but not too soft or squishy.




And I added a bit of elastic at the top of the crib so that it would fit nicely over the curved piece.  



The other quick project I worked on was stitching some of my Nana's vintage handkerchiefs around the top of the canopy.  


The handerkerchiefs are just folded in half on a diagonal and then handstitched to the netting.  I can easily remove them when we're done using the canopy or if I want to use them for something else and they'll be back in their original condition which was important to me.  


I think it looks really cute and I love bringing family heirlooms into the space...


Two more projects I can cross off my list!  

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