Jun 23, 2012

Nursery Update: Part 2

More than a year ago I saw a post on Bloesem Living about the home of a woman living in Amsterdam.  Among the photos of her home was this fabulous shot of a wall mural she had done inspired by a cross stitch pattern.  I immediately clicked over to her blog, Eline Pellinkhof, to try to find out more.  And of course, I pinned it to my home dec board on Pinterest.  

When we found out that this baby was a girl I immediately knew I wanted to do a vintage/sewing inspired nursery and knew that the cross stitch mural would be perfect.  And so yesterday, I finally had a chance to tackle the project.

I spent some time online finding just the right cross stitch pattern and then picked up some small bottles of craft paint the last time I was at Michael's.  Yesterday morning I started by drawing out the grid on the wall using a level and some chalk.  I decided to make it easier on myself and just use the width of the level as the size of each square.  This part took a while, I won't lie, but it probably would have gone a lot faster with the help of another adult instead of a three year old.  

The wall to start.  This is the wall immediately to the left when you enter the nursery from the hallway:


The grid of chalk lines:


Then, using my cross stitch pattern, I began painting in the x's one color at a time:


And kept going:


And going:


And going:


And just for fun, here's a little time lapse montage of the whole process:


And the final result!







I'm so in love with how this turned out and it was really pretty easy.  I worked on it in bits and pieces throughout the day, stopping to give LP his lunch and things, and I'd say it took me about 4 hours total.  The painting isn't perfect, but it's supposed to look hand painted.  I'm not in love with the few blue x's so might change those to a paler color, a lighter greyish blue but other than that I love it and it adds so much personality to the nursery.  

Hooray for another project crossed off my list!

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  1. That looks awesome Em! Such a great idea for the room :-)



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