Dec 7, 2012

PAIL Vlogiversary

I haven't mentioned PAIL much lately but am still very much a part of this great community.  For those of you not familiar with it, PAIL is a resource/community/support group for people who are Pregnant and/or Parenting through Adoption, Infertility and/or Loss. 

One of the things about going through infertility is that it isn't suddenly all behind you even after you become a parent.  I still have secondary infertility even after having another baby.  It's something that changed who I am, how I view life, and how I interact with other people.  Knowing that there's a group of other people out there who understand all of this from a first person point of view has been very helpful to me throughout this journey.

And so PAIL is celebrating it's six month anniversary!  They've asked us (if we'd like) to submit a Vlog answering a few questions.  All of the Vlogs will be linked on the PAIL site on Saturday, December 8.  
I don't normally post video of myself (ugh) but really wanted to take part in this so here it is.  My webcam wasn't working (yet another reason why I wish we hadn't upgraded to Windows 8) so I used my iphone.  Also, Fridays are generally a "no shower" day for me so I'm not looking too snazzy.  Just be glad I'm not still in my jammies.  And hey, I'm holding a cute baby which should make up for the bad hair/no makeup/tired eyed look I've got going on...


  1. Great video! And Eliza is adorable....and super wiggly :)

    Just read your about page: met my husband on eharmony in Dec 04, married Oct 06, have 2 english springer spaniels LOL

    Thanks for doing was great "meeting" you! Bringing up great points about secondary infertility which isn't as well known as primary. SO important to get the word out about this...thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I am so glad you did this vlog and that I could meet you / find your blog this way :) It was great 'meeting' you and your gorgeous little girl. She is truly beautiful!! I also loved hearing from someone about secondary infertility because I know it is something that isn't talked about or possibly even thought of nearly as much as primary infertility but affects just the same. I am sorry you went through that and am so thankful you have your beautiful girl now. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. She has the biggest brightest eyes! Ah, I can only imagine the nightmare that secondary infertility is. It is far too overlooked and I appreciated hearing you talk about it. It's nice to see you and hear more of your story!

  4. Great job! It was nice to meet you. I cringed hearing you talk about people's questions and comments about giving your first a sibling. I NEVER ask that question unless it's to a VERY close friend and I am familiar with their fertility situation! Ouch.

  5. Eliza is a mover and a shaker - I love it!!

    This was fun to watch, and I agree with the other ladies - it was interesting to hear about it from a Secondary IF perspective. I don't think it's talked about enough (maybe b/c many secondary IFers were also primary IFers and "wired" to then feel guilty for wanting more, which is ridiculous and sad).

    But yes, great video - thanks for joining it!

  6. great video! so nice to meet you and I love hearing everyone's answers to the questions. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  7. Eliza is the BEST name ever! I love it!

    Thank you so much for participating and talking about secondary IF so openly and candidly. It *is* something that is rarely talked about, even in blogworld I have found.

    I am very glad to have found your blog this way. :)

  8. Eliza is adorable!

    So glad to meet you. It's always exciting to find bloggers who are in the area. I'm at Rt. 2 and 128.



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