Mar 3, 2014

Some Sewing- Heidi and Finn Patterns…

Recently I was asked to test a couple of patterns for Heidi and Finn- the Tulip Tunic and Dress and the Pintuck Blouse and Dress

First up was the Tulip Tunic and Dress which is for knit fabrics.  This is the 18 month size.  I made the tunic in a green with sparkly dots with dark grey at the neckline and as an appliqued heart.   I've used this material several times and still have some left- in fact I tested the Heidi and Finn Slouchy Cardigan with that fabric- Eliza was so tiny then!!  The tunic is adorable!   In the photo below the sleeves are folded to the inside as they ended up a bit long- I think Eliza must have short arms as I always have to shorten the sleeves to the next smaller size.


Next I made the dress version in the 18 month size.   I used a polka dot knit (also seen previously) for the sleeves and top portion, a slub knit from an old t-shirt for the dress part and the same dark grey ribbed knit for the neckline and cuffs.   On this version I shortened the arm length to the 12 month size and it’s perfect.  I left the dress unhemmed since knits just roll up nicely on their own for a casual look. 


The Pintuck Blouse and Dress was next.  This pattern is for knits or wovens and closes with a simple tie at the back of the neck.  I started with the dress in a gingham fabric in the 18 month size.  The sleeves are too long and I still need to shorten them but Eliza put up such a fuss about wearing this dress even for a few minutes that I haven’t bothered yet. 



When I made the shirt version in the 18 month size I shortened the sleeves to the 12 month length which was just right.  For the shirt I used a patterned calico (thanks Aunt Sue!) along with a super cute white with red polkadot binding around the neckline.   In an attempt to get Eliza to wear the shirt willingly I used my Silhouette to add an iron-on dachshund with a little polkadot collar.  It sort of worked- she loved the shirt when I showed it to her but put up a fuss about wearing it the first time we tried.   Two days later I tried again and the shirt went on with no problem!



As always, these patterns went together quickly and easily. Each one took about the time of an average Eliza nap to finish (1.5 hours).  They’re adorable and versatile- each can be made with short sleeves instead of long and can easily be embellished or left plain.  I highly recommend checking out the Heidi and Finn shop- I continue to love every pattern by them that I've sewn!

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