Mar 5, 2014

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 18

Little Miss Eliza Rose continues to gain in spunk and sass as she gains in age.   This is a little girl with serious amounts of determination and stubbornness, as well as personality. 


At 18 months Eliza’s language skills continue to grow at exponential rates.  Tell her a word once and she remembers it for the next time.   For a few weeks if you asked her if she could say “Eliza” she’d respond with, “Baby!”   Yesterday she responded with “Lila!”  Water is “waddy,” sit is “s*it,” (hee hee!) and Gabby is “Gubby.”


Like brother, like sister, Eliza is in love with Thomas the Train.  Her favorite parts of the show are the opening and closing songs which means we don’t actually have to be bored to tears by the show itself, she’s happy as long as she gets to bop around to “They’re 2, they’re 4, they’re 6 they’re 8.  Shunting coal and hauling freight….”


Eliza is a big copy cat.   Whatever her brother does she wants to do.  Paul’s favorite song write now is BINGO and we frequently hear Eliza clapping her hands and singing “E! O!!”


When I shower in the morning Eliza runs in to the bathroom as soon as I turn off the water so that she can hand me my towel.  Then she points to the drawer where we keep her brush because she knows I’ll comb my hair next.


Like many toddlers Eliza is a lover of all things routine.   Throw her off her schedule and it does not go well.   If someone opens the freezer she absolutely must get an ice cube out to put in the dog water.   Even if she’s strapped into her highchair she has to get down immediately.  At bedtime she has her choo-choo show (Thomas), then plays horsey (trot trot!) on Daddy’s knee.   Next it’s upstairs for “tee” (teeth), “s*it” for a book, then into bed where she MUST stand up and look at her Peekaboo Peter Rabbit book with Mommy (she’s convinced Jeremy Fisher is Santa because of the white ascot he’s wearing).  She absolutely will not lay down to sleep without a peekaboo from “Ho-Ho” (Santa). 


When we’re home Eliza talks all the time just like Paul.  One way that they’re different though is that when we’re out Paul has always talked to everyone we meet- whether it’s the cashier at the store or people we know he never stops talking.  Eliza is much quieter out in public.  She gleefully yells “bye-bye, bye-bye!” to the ladies in the childcare room at the YMCA or to the folks working at the grocery store but she’s fairly quiet otherwise, at least when we’re not home.  At home though Paul and I have decided that we might need to invest in earplugs for dinner as it’s non-stop.  If the children aren’t talking while they eat they’re humming.


Eliza also loves to “cuggy” or color.   She gets very excited about sitting in the little chair at the coloring table and scribbling in her Minnie Mouse coloring book. 


She’s starting to take an interest in what she wears and has definite things to say about which pair of shoes she’ll wear (Boots!!) or which shirts she most definitely will NOT wear. 

Eliza is a little sweetheart most of the time but watch out when she gets cranky or upset about something!   And just like most toddlers, her mood can change at the drop of a hat!  Exhausting, but adorable!

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  1. Gorgeous. My little Rose is not as advanced at talking for which my husband (Grandad) is grateful. He says once she starts she will be unstoppable. She is very good at cleaning though. She loves to dust and also loves to brush the floor or use her toy vacuum cleaner when she is at my house. She never sits still, even for a second. And she loves, loves, loves dogs and farm animals.



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