Jan 21, 2014

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…

So I’m way behind in my blogging- there are so many things I want to share and instead I’ve been plopping on the couch at night just letting everything pile up around me.   We had such a busy end of November/December.  In a span of 5 weeks we had LP’s 5th birthday and birthday party, Thanksgiving, a week-long trip to Las Vegas, a 4 day trip to Pennsylvania, and Christmas.  It feels like we’re just starting to get back to normal around here…

I’ve missed blogging about all of these events, I’ve missed Eliza’s monthly updates for months 15 and 16 (and she’s now almost at 17), but I did mention to get my “10 on 10” done each month so there’s that…

I’m sure most of you don’t need to see photos of all these events so feel free to skip the next few posts, but since I like to use my blog as a sort of online scrapbook I’m going to start posting away!

I’ll start with LP’s birthday. I did manage to post about him turning 5 (!!!!) but of course I need to share some actual birthday photos!

We started his birthday off with a visit from Nana and Pappy who came up for the weekend for his party.  LP wanted a Lego Star Wars themed party and picked out a fairly simple cake for me to make (phew!)…


We decorated with paper and balloon tiefighters and some of his Star Wars toys…..


Each guest got to decorate their own Lego minifigure with Star Wars things. I stenciled the minifigs onto small canvas covered boards and then printed out various pants, shirts, light sabers, etc. for them to attach with glue.


We also played a few games of “Pin the Ears on Yoda.”


After that LP opened the presents from his friends…


And then there was cake!


Followed by some outside time…


With Pappy as the designated swing-pusher.


After the party was over LP opened his gifts from Nana and Pappy and my side of the family.



The next day, Sunday, was Paul’s actual birthday.  After saying good-bye and thank you to Nana and Pappy LP opened his presents from us and from Paul’s side of the family…


It was a very Star Wars birthday… And I’m pretty sure he loved every minute!

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