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Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Five

Oh what a difference a year makes.  Paul turned FIVE on Sunday.  Last year, when he turned four, I lamented the fact that he had gone from a toddler to a little kid in the blink of an eye.  Another blink later and he’s not a little kid anymore- he’s a big kid, a five year old, heading off to pre-K with his backpack and his lunchbox and not even a wave good-bye over his shoulder. 

LP has grown several inches since he turned four- just look at the difference in the photos below, taken just about a year apart.  He looks like a baby to me in the first photo, and so grown up in the second.


At five, Paul is intelligent, engaging, witty, and I have to admit, rather adept at sarcasm (it runs in the family on both sides and was bound to happen).  He loves to talk to anyone and everyone but is particularly happy talking to grown-ups, especially the elderly people who frequent the YMCA we attend.   I’ve been told several times by them that he’ll grow up to be a politician or a salesman.  When I mentioned this to one woman she looked at him and said, “Perhaps a diplomat.”   Time will tell!

LP has a memory like an elephant (it IS the elephant who never forgets, right?).  Do not mention anything to him, even briefly or under your breath, because while he likes to pretend that he can’t hear me when asked to do his chores, he hears and remembers everything and it will come back to bite you in the long run.  He is constantly practicing his negotiating skills and is very fond of making deals, especially when it comes to his beloved “screen time.”

Paul remains completely obsessed with his baby sister.  Even as she gets into his things more and more, and has begun pushing him away when he hugs her too tight, or stamping her little feet and yelling at him, he continues to wax on about how adorable Eliza is.  He refuses to let anyone else beat him into her room when she wakes up in the morning or after a nap, insisting that he go in first.  Even with an almost four year age difference they play so well together, and Eliza is quite happy to follow “Ba” wherever he goes.

Always a skinny kid, Paul has gotten even skinnier as he’s grown taller but seems to be getting a little more athletic as he gets older.  In the past few months he learned to ride a bike (he still has training wheels but couldn’t even figure out how to pedal six months ago), get the glider on our swingset going on his own, and has a pretty natural swing with a baseball bat.  While he’s still timid about climbing and slides at the playground, and doesn’t quite keep up with the other kids running around, it doesn’t bother him at all.

LP’s favorite days of the week are the days when he has school or yoga class at the library.   He counts down on the calendar until it’s time for either activity and wakes up every morning asking if it’s a school day or a yoga day.  He’s made several new friends in Pre-K and is always telling me about the adventures they have at recess and who was naughty or well-behaved during circle time.   He had a few naughty moments himself earlier in the school year but quickly realized that joking around with Bobby when they were supposed to be paying attention just resulted in not being allowed to sit next to his friend and there’s been no trouble since.

Paul is growing up into just the kind of son and brother we’d hoped for, and we consider ourselves very very lucky parents indeed… He’s smart, silly, loving, and kind; full of hugs and kisses and cuddles for his sister and mommy and loves nothing more than hanging out and wrestling with his daddy. 

Although I hate that Paul is growing up so quickly he’s promised me over and over again that he’ll always be my baby, forever and always.

A look back in time:



  1. You have a lovely boy there. Well done you, because it's all down to good parenting how well he has turned out.


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