Jan 24, 2014

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 17

I missed my Things to Remember, Months 15 and 16 for Eliza, but the months were such a blur that I can’t even fathom trying to remember what milestones she was hitting so I’ll just skip ahead to today, Month 17.  As usual, I love to look back and see what LP was up to in Month 17, and like every other month, Eliza is on the exact same timeline.

Our little Miss Eliza continues to be full of sugar and spice.  She’s sweet, sweet, sweet and then she’s oh so mischievous.  She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, or how to get someone to do it for her.   She knows what face to make to get Daddy to give in to her requests for “coogies,” (aka cookies) and how to get her big brother to follow her around like a little puppy dog.

Just like Paul at this age, Eliza LOVES to help.   She likes to empty the dishwasher (whether it’s clean or not!), throw things in the garbage (whether they’re trash or not!), put laundry in the hamper, clean up her toys, and take the dog out. 


She’s also insistent on doing things herself.  When she’s hungry she’ll open the drawer in the kitchen where we keep the goldfish crackers, sit down, take the clip off the bag and dig in.  She’s happy to share with the dog who comes running pretty quickly.


Favorite activities are pretty much anything her big brother is up to.  A frequent game is chasing each other around the house, both yelling, “Go! Go!”   She also enjoys playing Star Wars. “Shoo shoo!” she says, swinging whatever toy is masquerading as a light saber for the moment.


Eliza has gotten over her clinginess from our trip to Vegas and now runs happily into the childcare room at the Y without any tears.   We had our very first non-relative babysitter since she was 3 months old the other week and she was great.


Miss Eliza knows a TON of words- way more than Paul did at this age I think.   They include:  Mama, Dada, Paul, doggy, baby, coogie (cookie), waddy (water), cup, chair, sit, out, up, down, pop (popcorn), baba, Doc (McStuffins- a favorite show around here), coat, cold, hot, shoe, sock, night-night, hello, bye-bye, thank you, what, really, that, and quite a few different animal sounds.  If you ask her what a bird says she’ll respond, “teet-teet!” while flapping her arms. 


Eliza has begun putting two words together, as well.  “Night-night Dada!”, “Bye-Bye Doggy!” and “What’s That?” are all heard a lot around here.  She loves to say bye-bye to things, even saying bye-bye to the elephant shaped humidifier in her room before she comes downstairs in the morning or after a nap.


Eliza has added a lot of spunk to our house, that’s for sure.   Things are rarely quiet these days with two chatterboxes in the house.   We’re not quite sure where they got it from as Paul and I are fairly quiet but it definitely keeps things lively!

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