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Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Seventeen

Phew!  Month 17 has been a real test of LP's independance and of his mama's patience!  In general LP is a very, very good little boy but for the past few weeks he's either been glued to my side or somewhere causing trouble.  Favorite "naughty" activity- opening the slide-out spice cabinet and knocking ALL the jars of spices on the floor when I'm not looking.  We haven't figured out a way to keep him out of it yet.  And while I love that he wants to be close to his mama all the time it can be a bit smothering. 

Here are some things to remember:

1.  The LOVE.  Oh, the love.  Our little man blows kisses, smooches the dogs, gives hugs, and says "Love you" (sounds like Myum Nyah!).  He won't go to bed at night without kissing both dogs goodnight ("Mwah!" he says, leaning the top of his head into them). 

2.  At day care they've started calling him "Mayor Paul."  When we arrive in the morning LP walks around saying "hi" to everyone.  He then kisses all the little girls and pats all the babies on the head as he says all their names.  He walks anyone who's leaving to the door, saying "bye-bye!" and waving. 

3.  The climbing has begun.  He hasn't managed to climb onto the couch yet but he's standing on boxes, books, toys, whatever he can.  He sticks a little foot up on the rail of his crib in the morning, trying to find a way out. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we hear a "thump" in the morning and have to transition to a "big boy bed."  My mother sent him a little step-stool that we had as kids and he loves to stand on it and look out the window at the cars going by.

4.  LP still absolutely adores being outside.  He heads for the door any chance he can get.  He says "side, side" when he wants to go out and will bring us a jacket or sweatshirt to put on him.  Then he takes off running as soon as his feet hit the grass. 

5.  He also LOVES to help Mommy and Daddy with our chores.  He empties the dishwasher, closes cabinets, puts thing in the laundry hamper, wipes off his highchair tray, and puts the dog toys away.  He's also recently become obsessed with the dustbuster at day care, spending time every day vacuuming the couch so I think I'll put him to work at home as well. 

6.  Another new favorite activity: standing on the stool at the counter to "help" us cook.  Here he is helping Paul make pizza:

And here he is stealing all the cheese off the top:

7.  LP loves to read to himself at night now.  I always read him one bedtime story and then he picks out a book to read in his crib.  Some nights he'll sit in the semi-dark of his room reading a book for half an hour before he falls asleep.  Paul and I usually mute the t.v. so that we can hear him chatting away on the baby monitor as it's so stinkin' cute.

8.  His fine motor skills are really improving.  He can stick all the little parts into Mr. Potato Head with no trouble, and is getting better and better at eating with a spoon. He's so excited about using a spoon that if he can't get the food on the spoon the usual way he'll pick it up, place it on the spoon, and then put the spoon in his mouth.  It's made meal-time a bit longer and messier but c'est la vie!

9.  LP says "Thank You" fairly consistently when somebody gives him something or does something for him.  He's also good at saying "please" and has just picked up "help" when he needs a hand.  He also says: up, down, shoes, socks, car, cracker, fish, dog, video, and Elmo. 

10.  Speaking of Elmo he has fallen for the good old Sesame character hook, line, and sinker.  At the grocery store he points out all of the products that showcase Elmo on the front and started yelling "Elmo!  Elmo" at an Elmo balloon while we were waiting in line.  At least it's not Barney!

So there's month 17 in a nutshell.  How I love my funny, polite, smart little man!!


  1. He is soooooo cute! He has such an adorable personality!

  2. Wow, that is all really awesome! Love your photography, as usual! He really looks like both of you in this post. :) Love his nice manners and that he's the mayor - that will take him far in life!!


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