Oct 16, 2013

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 13

First off, let’s all pretend that I wrote this post 3 weeks ago when Eliza hit the 13 month mark, instead of today, just a week away from 14 months.   Life got in the way, as did sheer and utter laziness about sitting down at the computer at night to write an actual post that involves more than just sticking up some photos of our day and hitting “publish.”

Secondly, as usual I just took a look back at Paul’s “Things to Remember, Month 13” and once again I might as well just copy and paste it all here for Eliza.  Seriously, it’s ridiculous how much they’re on the same track developmentally.   In fact, I really should start looking at Paul’s monthly updates ahead of time so that I know what to watch out for with Eliza (see: upcoming section on teeth).

This girl, oh this sweet girl sure has us on our toes!   She’s full of spunk and mischief, sugar and spice, drama and squeals.   She yells and screams and throws things when she’s mad and then is as sweet as pie two seconds later.  We are all wrapped around her teeny tiny pudgy fingers.

At thirteen months Eliza still loves her food.  The only thing she’s not fond of is skin on her apples.   She frequently grabs entire peaches from the fruit bowl and chows down until there’s nothing but the pit left.  She eats as much at meals as her brother does, sometimes more.


While Paul’s first word was “hi,” Eliza’s was “doggy.”   At thirteen months she also said “Mama, Dada, and Ba (Paul).”


Like her big brother before her Eliza was taking 5-6 steps at a time and was happiest holding someone’s hand while practicing her walking. 


She loves to hand things to people and then laughs if you say “thank you” before she takes it back.  She also enjoys taking things out of boxes or buckets and then putting them back in.  Time to start working on “clean up!”


See all those chompers up above?  Just like Paul all 4 of her first set of molars arrived at once.  Had I read ahead to see what was coming up I would have known exactly why she threw a huge fit out at dinner with Nana and Pappy and wouldn’t eat dinner or breakfast the next day.  Took sticking my finger in her mouth to figure out what was going on (ouch!).  Better planning next time!


And just like her brother at this age, Eliza is pretty much a mama’s girl.   The tide is turning slightly but when she’s tired or cranky or angry or hurt she heads straight for me. 


Her expressions just kill me.  Those pudgy cheeks and impish eyes.   As I like to say, “Trouble!  With a Capital ‘T’ which rhymes with ‘E’ which stands for Eliza!” (Name that musical….)

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