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Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Thirteen

Wow!  LP has changed so much just in the last few weeks!

Some things to remember about month thirteen with this little guy in our lives:

1.  He STILL loves to eat- looks like he definitely inherited Daddy's bottomless pit of a stomach!  He's so greedy about food that one night, after he'd already been fed, he decided that our dinner looked good too and grabbed a crab rangoon off the table for himself (that's what we get for eating at the coffee table!). 

2.  LP's first word was not Mama or Dada or doggy as we'd expected.  Instead, it's "Hi!," sometimes accompanied by a wave, sometimes not.  Usually pronounced "Hi-eee" although he sometimes leaves the "h" off.  At day care he walks around all day saying hi to everyone- too cute!

3.  He's not fully walking yet but is taking 5-6 steps between people or pieces of furniture.  He's even stopped walking, changed direction, and started back up again.  It seems as though he does really well with walking as long as he's not thinking about it.

4.  LP has started sharing things with us.  He'll rip an ornament off the Christmas tree and then bring it to Paul or I (or one of the dogs) to show it to us.  He likes to give things to people and then take them back.

5.  4 molars!  All at once!  And with hardly any fussing at all, just a few nights of waking up around 11 and crying for a little bit- not too bad!

6.  Another thing LP has inherited from his daddy is his mischievousness.  There are certain things that he knows he's not supposed to touch or get into but he'll keep trying, watching until we look away and then going in for the kill. As soon as you turn your head back to look he giggles and pretends that he wasn't doing something naughty.  Sneaky.  Makes me worry for his teenage years!

7.  Instead of just taking things OUT of bins and baskets he's started putting things IN as well.  I'm hoping we can segue this into helping mommy clean up at the end of the day but I'm betting that won't happen for a while!

8.  Little Paul is a total Mama's boy (surprise, surprise!) He loves playing with Daddy but when he wants to cuddle or is tired or hungry (or when Daddy says "no," he runs right to Mommy...


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