Sep 27, 2013

Another Pattern Test- “Wonderland Dress” by Heidi and Finn

Once again I was lucky enough to be chosen to test a new pattern by Heidi and Finn- this time it was a test of their soon to be released “Wonderland” dress pattern.  The pattern is adorable (of course) and went together very quickly.   I thought maybe the neckline would be a little tricky and while I did have to pick out a few stitches and redo a couple inches it was much easier than I expected.  The dress ended up being just the right length for Eliza- she can crawl around in it without getting her legs tangled since she’s not quite walking on her own yet.



I also made Eliza a little pair of leggings out of an old, holey cashmere sweater I had in my “clothing to sew with” stash.   I used the arms of the sweater and a pair of her leggings as the pattern and sewed them up in about 5 minutes.  So easy and so cute and comfy!  Granted, cream colored cashmere leggings are not the most practical choice for a crawling girl but I’ll definitely be hunting for some other sweaters to chop up!


I did think the neckline of the Wonderland dress was a little low on Eliza so after trying it on with a t-shirt underneath (see photo below of Eliza screaming) I ended up adding a little extra triangle of fabric in the neckline (see all the other photos).  I used an old tank top of mine for the neckline fabric so just cut a triangle from the collar of the tank top and stitched it in place.  Works perfectly as a faux camisole…


Another fantastic pattern by Heidi and Finn- so much fun to sew and I think Eliza looks pretty darn cute (and comfortable!) in it!

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  1. What a cutie patootie!! Thanks for linking up to the Raising the Barrs FB page! Enjoying browsing through your beautiful photo-filled posts! :)



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