May 24, 2013

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, 9 months

Eliza is 9 months old today.  I just looked back at LP’s “Things to Remember” from 9 months and they’re so similar!  Wonder if they’ll end up with very similar personalities (I’d better get some earplugs now if that’s the case!)?


I mentioned in Eliza’s 8 month “Things to Remember” that our pediatrician was concerned because Eliza wasn’t rolling from her back to her front yet and so Early Intervention was going to come and assess her to see if there was some sort of problem or delay.  Paul and I weren’t terribly concerned as LP wasn’t really rolling around much at 8 months either- he must have done it just enough so that the pediatrician wasn’t worried!

Anyway, when I went to get Eliza up from her morning nap on the day the EI ladies were coming she was laying on her stomach in the crib.  The little bugger could roll over all along!  When the EI ladies showed up that afternoon to do the assessment they laughed when I told them.  Eliza wouldn’t roll over completely for them without a little bit of assistance but they said she was very close to doing it herself.  They also said that she favors her left side (just like her brother!) and that the muscles in her right arm and shoulder were tighter than in the left.  They suggested that we should work on handing her toys and things on her right side to get her using both arms more. 


They scored Eliza in 5 areas based on a standardized test they do and she passed everything.  In fact, her lowest score was in “Sociability” which the women thought was pretty funny as she was, to quote them, “the most social baby they’d seen in months!”  Because it’s a standardized test that goes up to 12 months they had to fail her on “waving hello or good-bye” which they said she shouldn’t be able to do yet really anyway.

Since then Eliza is rolling all over the place.  She stays sitting for about 2 minutes before flopping to her belly and trying to move around.  She hasn’t really mastered sitting back up on her own yet but is almost there.  And she’s good at moving backwards on her tummy but not forwards (again, just like Paul at 9 months!).  She’s pretty frustrated about all of this- she wants to go forward so badly but keeps getting herself stuck when she backs into a corner or under the coffee table.    She also wants to stand up ALL THE TIME and gets mad if you try to sit her back down when she’s standing up and holding your hands.  LP was crawling and pulling himself to standing by 10 months and I have a feeling Eliza will do the same.


At 9 months Eliza’s 5th tooth just popped through.  She’s had her bottom front 2 for quite a while and then got her top incisors a few weeks ago.  She’s been the most adorable vampire baby since then!  Last night one of her top front teeth finally popped through!


Eliza says “da-da” a lot but not directed at Paul yet.  There’s no “ma-ma” sounds yet but last night she gave me her very first kiss (either that or she was trying to eat my face- maybe a combo!)! 


I would have to say that Eliza’s favorite time of day is meal time.  She gets very excited when we put her in her chair- her eyes light up when the Cheerios box comes out and she bangs her hands on her tray until we give her some.  We still haven’t found anything she won’t eat- and she still eats everything that we do.  Today for lunch she had grilled cheese (she picks up her sandwich just like LP!), grapes, blueberries, and some banana.  We went out for dinner last weekend and it was so nice to not have to pack baby food to take along and then spoon-feed her.  We love that we are really all eating together as a family (even if it’s not the most quiet or peaceful event!).


Now that she’s moving around more Eliza has become a tummy sleeper.  She flips to her stomach pretty much as soon as you lay her down and snuggles right up.


Phew!  She’s a busy girl at 9 months- I can only imagine how 10 months will be!

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