Apr 24, 2013

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, 8 Months

It’s hard to believe that Eliza is 8 months old already- I know I just said that last month but it’s always true.   I still have such vivid memories of LP at this age and now he’s almost four and a half which is completely mind boggling.


Eliza continues to be a very easy-going baby.  She wakes up in the morning happy and babbles to herself until we go in to get her.  She does the same after naps.  She cries a bit when we lay her down to change her diaper or when she’s sitting up and topples over but other than that she rarely cries.  When she’s tired she just turns her head, sticks her little left thumb in her mouth and she’s all set. 


Lizy-Loo has some crazy hair.  See those long pieces down below her ears?  That’s hair she was born with- all the hair that’s long now, below her ears and her bangs, was on her head when she was born.  It kept growing while the rest fell out and has since grown back in.  So she has mostly short blond hair with these few little areas that are long and darker in color.  I’ve considered giving her a little trim around the ears but just can’t quite bring myself to do it.  And we’re constantly brushing her bangs out of her face as there’s not enough hair yet for any clips or barrettes. 


Big brother remains (and hopefully will forever and ever) her very best friend.  Even though he sometimes steals her toys and usually won’t let her play with his, she still adores him.  And vice versa.


A recent discovery is that Eliza LOVES to go in the hiking backpack on walks.  A dear friend passed one along to us and Eliza loves the view from up high- especially when we’re on a nature walk with a bunch of our friends and their kids…


Eliza laughs and giggles at almost anything these days- whether it’s LP playing peekaboo or one of the dogs passing by, it usually cracks her up!  Daddy’s silly faces and noises get her every time too!


Eliza eats everything we give her, and eats with gusto!  She hasn’t turned her nose up at anything yet although recent favorites are some new additions- grapes, and peanut butter on toast.  Yum!  We skipped giving her pureed foods completely and are loving the ease of just feeding her whatever we’re eating.  Last night she polished off a plate of broccoli, potatoes and sausage quicker than anyone else!   She’s a real pro at grabbing little things from her tray now and towards the end of her meal she likes to hold her food up in the air and talk to it for a while before eating the last few bites. 


Eliza isn’t moving around much yet- there’s no crawling, scooting, or rolling to get things she wants but she does manage to inch around on her back pretty well- almost every nap ends with her completely 180 degrees from how I laid her down.


Because Eliza still doesn’t roll from her back to her tummy or get herself in or out of a seated position or scoot around at all our pediatrician suggested we call Early Intervention.  We’re not sure if she just doesn’t WANT to roll onto her tummy or if she can’t for some reason so we’ll meet with the Early Intervention team next week to see what they think.  Eliza never liked tummy time and has always been very quick to flip herself off of her stomach but in the past week or so she’s been staying on her tummy longer when we lay her down.   We’ve also noticed that she has started rocking back and forth when sitting up as though she’s trying to scoot but hasn’t figured out how to get going yet.  We’ll see what happens when we meet with the EI team!


Eliza has started playing with her Fisher Price Zoo lately which LP is so excited about as it’s his favorite of all her toys.  She knows which buttons to push to make noises and which little doors open and close. 


Of course, chewing on the animals is still fun too!


She’s our beautiful blue-eyed baby, worth every moment of the long wait for her to join our family!


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