Mar 29, 2013

March: What Home Looks Like

(Welcome if you've arrived here from Laurie Schultz's blog!) 

Over the years the definition of Home for me has changed.  Growing up it was, of course, the house I lived in with my parents and my brothers.   Even after college when I moved to another state “home” was still back in that house.   Although my apartments were homey and some of my roommates became like family to me, Home was always back in my hometown in the house I grew up in.

Even after moving in with Paul, getting married, and buying our own house, a small part of me still felt like home was back in Pennsylvania.  We were creating our own newlywed version of home but I always referred to going to my parents’ house as “going home.” 

This has changed since having children though.  Now home is here- where my heart is, figuratively and literally.  It’s wonderful and exhausting and messy and crazy- usually all at once.  And I wouldn't change any of it. 
Now, home is where my hubby takes care of things.


Home is full of toothy grins,


And tiny fingers.


It’s full of friendships.


And some “keeping it real” moments….


There are sleeping babies…



Helping hands,



And watchful big brothers.


Home is full of very serious games of Star Wars Angry Birds,


Sharing some giggles,


And yummy food.


Home is where we can put our feet up…


And enjoy some stolen kisses.


Please head to Karen Porter Photography to check out her version of "What Home Looks Like!" 


  1. awww so cute. Love seeing your children in those everyday moments. And little one sleeping in swing makes me just awwwww. My three month old sleeps in one of those too.

  2. I loved the way you told your story! very touching... love those images!!

  3. these have a nice feeling of your daily life...moments you see and want to see more of.

  4. Super sweet. Great story line with the pics. Love the sleepy baby shot. Her eyelashes are amazing!

  5. I love the story you told about your home. What a loving home it looks like! Beautiful!

  6. So sweet! Great capture of your beautiful kiddos being home!

  7. What beautiful captures of the sweetness of your everyday life. I related to your thoughts about where "home" truly is. I still think of my hometown as home - that is where the foundation was built that allowed me to go forth and create my own home today. I don't think there is anything wrong with having two homes :)

  8. Oh, so very cute. I especially love the moments you caught of your children. The dog kiss made me laugh. Wonderful moments.



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