Jan 29, 2013


So today I am thirty-five.  Smack dab in the middle of my thirties.  I'm old enough to remember Reagan as president, how to "tight-roll" or "peg" my jeans, record players and cassette tapes, Underoos, and New Kids on the Block when they were still "Hangin' Tough."

I do frequent birthday posts on my blog- posts about  my parents, my brothers, my husband, my kids.  I share photos and list all of the things I love about them.  But I don't think I've ever done a birthday post for myself.  It's always seemed a bit self-centered to me to post about my own birthday.

But then I started thinking.  My blog is already self-centered.  I write to share my feelings, my thoughts, my family, my ideas and my life with you all.  So why NOT post about myself on my birthday?  If I can say all these thoughtful things about other people on their birthdays, why not say them about myself?

Let's just call it affirming instead of egotistical.

Here are the things that are awesome about me:

I am loyal.  I am loyal to friends, to family, and yes, I am loyal to dogs.  Especially dachshunds (but also Springer Spaniels).

I'm proud of the relationships I've built over the years with my parents and brothers.

I'm a good wife.  I give my husband the support, balance, and love that he needs.

I'm a good mom. Actually, most of the time I'm a pretty great mom.  I'm not overly cautious or too lackadaisical.  I'm structured and scheduled but not so much that we can't have fun or relax and do something crazy or silly.  I know how to have fun with my children and when to discipline them.  In theory, anyway...

I'm a good friend.  I'll gladly put my own needs/schedule/wants aside to help out a friend.
I'm a good listener and I'm sympathetic to people who are different/ live differently/ think differently than I do.  

I'm creative.  I can make almost anything LP asks for- whether it's made from cardboard and duct tape or from fabric.  I may not be an artist but I can sew and craft like a fiend.

I'm funny.  Not all of the time, but I can sling well-timed sarcastic comments with the best of them.

I'm organized.  I keep our house clean and our things under control.  I never lose things.

I'm humble.  I don't like being the center of attention- never have, never will.  I blush when someone praises me, or I try to brush it off as no big deal.  I need to work on just accepting compliments for what they are.

I'm a keeper of memories.  Family memories, genealogy, and photos.  They're all important to me to collect and preserve for future generations.

I'm calm.  It takes a lot for me to get worked up about things.  

I'm good at being me.  And I'm happy to be me.

Happy Birthday to Me.  

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