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Mother of the Year...

My children are making developmental leaps and bounds this week.  At 5 months Eliza has finally decided to roll from her tummy to her back (as long as her arms don't get in the way) and is getting pretty good at sitting up mostly unsupported (she can sit with the boppy pillow around her or between my legs for quite a while and keep her balance).

LP made a momentous return to the "big slides" at the playground and coordinated his feet enough to finally pedal his tricycle.

There was one other development though that I thought I'd share.

I know that most 4 year olds are starting to write letters and draw stick figures and houses and things like that.  LP has very little interest in coloring or writing however.  We're still not sure if he's a righty or a lefty and so when coloring he switches the crayon back and forth in his hands and doesn't hold the crayon with the proper grip.  As a result he's still mainly just scribbling for the few minutes that he'll spend coloring.  It's something I've been working on with him- showing him the way to hold the crayon, having him draw lines and circles and copy the shapes that I make.

Today LP actually wanted to draw.  Together we drew a picture of a castle, complete with a drawbridge and windows.  And for the first time he wasn't just scribbling- he was drawing specific shapes in certain places and telling me what they were.  He drew eyes on the people and shoes on their feet.

And so I decided it was a great time to start teaching him to write his name so that he could sign his work.

"Listen, buddy!," I said, "I bet you can already write the letter P- it's just a circle with a line, like this," as I showed him.  "I can teach you the rest of your name!"

"Mommy!  I don't WANT to write my name on things.  But Invisible Paul does.  He spells his name with 2 O's." (Invisible Paul is a whole other story I plan to share at some point- he's LP's invisible friend and has QUITE the biography!).

"Ok!  Well then we'll write Invisible Paul's name then- you can do O, it's just a circle!"  LP draws a bunch of circles.  "And look- this is a P - why don't you try it?"  LP copies my P pretty well.

At this point he started to get distracted.  "I'm done writing, I don't want to learn how Mommy."  I was intent though on getting him to practice a bit more and so I decided to stoop to the level of a four year old boy (or, for that matter I suppose, a 40 year old man as my husband found it pretty funny when I told him about it earlier tonight).  "LP," I said, "You can write the letter P and the letter O!  Do you know what you can spell?"

"What, Mommy?"

"Well, you can spell poop!"

LP spent 20 more minutes practicing his writing.

I am so proud.


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