Jan 14, 2013

Monday Snapshot: Baby Blues...

So Paul has blue eyes and I have brown eyes.  When I was pregnant with LP I figured we had a 40% chance of having a blue-eyed baby (and apparently, blue eyes are becoming more and more rare in the US- it used to be that almost half of the population had blue eyes but now it's more like 1 in 6!) since both my mother and Paul have blue eyes (however, I'm not a geneticist or whoever would figure that out so perhaps my math is wrong!).  Anyway, while LP was born with dark blue eyes they pretty quickly began to change.  For almost a full year it was hard to tell what color his eyes were- sometimes they looked green, sometimes hazel, sometimes brown.  Today, they're decidedly brown- a lighter shade than mine but definitely brown.

Eliza was also born with blue eyes but from the looks of things they're going to stay that way! They've shown no evidence of changing and we're so happy to have a brown-eyed boy and a blue-eyed girl!


This is part of PAIL’s Monday Snapshot! Check out more entries here!


  1. They aren't just blue, they are the BLUEST! Gorgeous.

  2. That jacket is too cute! And that BABY! What a good looking baby!!!!

  3. Wow! Those sure are gorgeous blue eyes!!!! :) What a doll! Our Alidia has blue blue eyes too and neither DH nor I have blue eyes, but his Dad and my Mum do... so it was unlikely but it happened.. and pretty sure at 1 year now, they are here to stay! :)



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