Jan 9, 2013

I ♥ Faces- Best Face of 2012

This month at I ♥ Faces  the theme is "Best Face of 2012."  This is always so hard for me to choose!  Let's see, I took 4,776 photos in 2012.  Actually, I probably took at least 4 times that many but 4,776 is how many I deemed worth keeping!  That's almost 1,000 more than in 2011...  9 days into 2013 I have over 300 photos so this might be a record year!

Ultimately, I narrowed it down to my favorite 30 or so.  I'll share the others in my next post.

After much debate I chose this one as my "Best Face."  I love the way LP is looking up as the snow started flurrying and I also love the contrast of the colors...

Be sure to go to I Faces to check out the other entries!

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