Dec 3, 2012


Today an early Christmas present came in the mail- something I bought for myself.  
It's a book. A special book.  This one:


It's a book titled "Embellish Me" written by blogger/fabric designer/author/creative genius Laurie Wisbrun, all about how to print, dye and decorate your fabric.  

Why is it such a special book?  Well, check out this page:


Let's look a little closer, shall we?


And perhaps check out the list of contributors??


And the index?


That's right!  I'm in the book!  So exciting!

So, I can hear you saying, how did this come about?

Well, more than a year ago, out of the blue, I had an email from Laurie.  She'd seen a photo of some fabric I stenciled to use for cushions on our patio on Flickr.  (Here's a link to the blog post where I showed off the cushions).  She said she was writing a new book and wanted to know if she could have permission to possibly use my photo.  She said she didn't know if the photo would make it into the book, but that if it did I'd get credit for it on the contributors page.  I signed that release form in about two seconds flat!

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago.  I'd pretty much forgotten about the whole thing when I had another email from Laurie- this time to tell me that my photo had made the book!

"Embellish Me" was just published a few days ago and the mighty Amazonians got my copy to me today (and I was too excited to share and took crappy phone pictures.  I promise to update this post with GOOD photos sometime soon!).

I haven't had a chance to look through the book yet, as, you know, the whole working mom/two kids/get dinner on the table/give kids bath/get kids to bed thing tonight hasn't given me an opportunity but as soon as I get off the computer I'm planning to curl up with a mug of tea and "Embellish Me".   From what I saw (while feverishly paging through while searching for my photo) it looks fabulous and full of great ideas and techniques!

So exciting (oh wait, did I mention yet that it's so exciting?!??!)!!

Tee hee!

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